Mumbai: Now, Maharashtra blood banks to face heat for not updating stock details

The State Blood Transfusion Council (SBTC) has now decided to take action against those blood banks who failed to update the bloodstock details on the centralized despite repeated warnings. So far 300 of 345 blood banks across Maharashtra have followed the instructions. SBTC officials said soon they will send a notice to the defaulters seeking an explanation for not doing so and action will be taken based on their explanation.

Dr Arun Thorat, director, SBTC said they have given enough warnings to the blood banks directing them to adhere to the norms and follow the instructions of uploading daily availability of blood units on the centralized website, centralized which can also be accessed by the general public. But still, some of them are failing to do so following which they will face action. “So far 45 blood banks across the state are on the defaulter's list and we have ordered them to submit their explanation for not uploading the daily stock data within a week or be ready to face action,” he said.

The decision of uploading daily stock data was taken last year after there was a huge shortage of blood across the state following which the patient's relatives had to run pillar to post for arranging blood.

Moreover, last year on December 4, the government resolution (GR) was released which stated that blood banks that refuse patients with blood disorders like thalassemia and haemophilia, despite having stock, will be fined ₹1,000. If blood banks charge patients, they will have to refund thrice the amount. Any blood bank found overcharging the processing service will have to refund five times the charge to SBTC.

Health activists have welcomed the state SBTC move of taking action against the defaulters. “Some hospitals, despite having blood, are harassing patients, including people with blood disorders. The government needs to come up with better alternative plans to stock blood and take stringent action against defaulters,” said activist Dr Abhijit More.

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