Mumbai: Heavy rains drag down vegetable prices by 15%

The heavy rainfall for the last few days has impacted the vegetable prices in the wholesale market in Vashi. Most of the vegetables prices have seen a drop of 15 to 20% due to fewer retailers turning up at the Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) in Vashi.

As per the market administration, a total of 370 trucks laden with vegetables arrived at the wholesale market on Friday. The supply was around 20% below than average supply.

Despite a sharp drop in the arrival of vegetables, there is no major rise in wholesale prices. In fact, most of the vegetables were sold at a lower price.

According to traders, there were few retailers turned out at the market owing to heavy rainfall. “Many retailers did not come to market with speculation of less arrival due to heavy rainfall in several parts of Maharashtra,” said Haresh Shah, a vegetable trader at APMC Vashi.

During this season, the normal arrival of vegetables is around 400 to 500 trucks. “The number of vehicles came down to 360 but there was no major change in price,” said the trader, adding that fewer turn-out of buyers is the main reason.

However, traders say that the trend will change soon after the weather improves. In the wholesale market on Friday, flower was available between Rs 10 to Rs 20. Similarly, cabbage was being sold at Rs 14 and Okra was available between Rs 20 to 25 per kg.

Free Press Journal