FPJ e-paper
FPJ e-paper

In these unprecedented times where the nation is battling a pandemic and experiencing a severe economic slowdown, the fourth estate has stood as a strong pillar and a custodian of information.

Many readers have expressed concern after a few media publications announced that it is illegal to forward e-paper PDFs on WhatsApp, Telegram or other social media platforms. People consuming news on online platforms were also surprised when it was mentioned that legal action could be initiated against WhatsApp group administrators in case of non-compliance over the e-paper PDF forwards.

This has led to confusion among the netizens and loyal readers alike.

And, Free Press Journal issues a clarification that it stands with its readers and allows them to share its e-paper PDFs and allows them to download it.

During the phase of lockdown readers, as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus, resorted to extensively sharing Free Press Journal’s e-newspaper in PDF formats to their WhatsApp, Telegram, and social media groups.

Circulating e-paper PDFs of ‘Free Press Journal’ is free

And, we grant permission to our esteemed readers to get/share/read news in this method to keep themselves informed about the latest developments in News and Current Affairs and announce that it is not illegal to share Free Press Journal’s e-paper PDF.

However, at a time when fake news is spreading, Free Press Journal does not allow sharing edited versions of its PDFs or does not allow sharing only a portion of its e-paper.

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