Karva Chauth 2020: 10 Do's and don'ts for the first-timers
Karva Chauth 2020: 10 Do's and don'ts for the first-timers
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Is this your first-ever Karva Chauth? Are you excited and also super nervous?

If yes then calm down, you’ll be fine. The excitement of the first-ever Karva Chauth doesn’t dull down, but the nervousness can be said good-bye to.

One of the best ways to enjoy Karva Chauth is to indulge in all its fun customs along with the traditions. The preparations for the fast start at least a couple of days before the day itself. Karva Chauth has certain customs and traditions a woman needs to follow for her prayers and wishes to be granted and also to enjoy the vrat to its fullest.

Here are 10 simple pointers for your first Karva Chauth vrat:

1. Apply Mehndi

All women observing the Karva Chauth fast apply henna (mehndi) on their hands. The mehndi should be applied at least a couple of days before Karva Chauth, it ensures enough time for the mehndi’s colour to darken on your hands.

2. Be prepared

The vrat is not like any other vrat, the Karva Chauth vrat is a Nirjala vrat, which requires women to stay hungry and thirsty throughout the day. No women observing the fast is allowed to eat or drink anything, including water.

3. Shop beforehand

You should buy all the make-up and cosmetics (shringar), adornments, jewellery and Karva lamps and plates you will need beforehand from your local shops and bazaars. Make sure to add dry fruits, nuts and fresh fruits to your shopping list, as you’ll need all kinds of healthy food for the vrat.

4. Do not miss Sargi

Make sure you wake up before sunrise to have the sargi, you can not afford to miss easting your sargi for your first fast. Sargi contains nutritious but light foods like dry fruits, fresh fruits, wholegrain chapatis nad more for your pre-fast meal.

5. Plan your day in advance

Your first Karva Chauth vrat can be difficult, therefore plan your day in advance. It’s better to avoid any last-minute work or hassle on the day you don’t have any food or water in your stomach.

6. Do not overwork

As mentioned earlier, your day can feel overwhelming and endless, therefore, do not overwork yourself before the end of the day. Try to take mini-breaks during the day if possible, it will help you to be stress-free.

7. Indulge in smaller distractions

You will feel hungry and thirsty during the day, there’s no way around it. However, if you can trick your mind in not thinking about the last meal you had or how thirsty you are, you shall be fine. You can take a relaxing stroll during the lunch break around your office compound, listen to music or even watch your favourite web series or a television show.

8. Get dressed up

Wear your best traditional outfit ready for the evening celebrations. You can pair your dress up with beautiful jewellery, bindi, let your hair flow or tie it into a classy bun. The evening is the time to shine and celebrate yourself.

9. Puja and Katha

Before you break the fast, complete the rest of the traditions surrounding the festival. Women often worship Lord Shiva and his family on the day of Karva Chauth. All women observing the Karva Chauth fast are to read the Karva Chauth Katha (story), you can read it along with other women from your family or community. Also, keep your husband and the puja thali ready, as soon as someone sights the moon in the sky, you can break your fast.

10. Break the fast

Break the fast by first drinking water and rehydrate your body. Have a bowl of plain curd after the fast, it will cool down your body and digestive system. Avoid binge-eating after breaking the fast.

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