Going crazy stuck with your kids? Simple DIYs that will keep you and the kid sane during coronavirus outbreak
Going crazy stuck with your kids? Simple DIYs that will keep you and the kid sane during coronavirus outbreak

The COVID-19 fear is pretty real in India now, with several states in lockdown and many people self-quarantined. Being used to the ‘hustle hard’ philosophy, staying at home is becoming quite a task for most of us. There’s only so much ‘netflix and chill’ a person can do. And for those who have kids at home, it's a whole new level of struggle to keep them busy in a fun and productive manner. In these times of confusion and uncertainty, it’s important that we keep ourselves occupied rather than becoming a couch potato. So, read further to explore fun and creative Do-It-Yourself (DIY) activities, that will not only keep your brain productive, but also result in some quality family-bonding.

1. Make your own sparkling galaxy jar

Anything that sparkles is always amazing to look at and even more fun to make. While the kids are engrossed in the galactic empire that the mason jar has transformed into, adults can use this as a calm down jar. And god knows, we all need some calming down right now!

You would require a mason jar or any jar, water, acrylic paint, fine glitter and cotton.

First you fill 1/3rd of the jar with water and then add drops of acrylic paint. Shake the jar nicely for the water and paint to mix well. Add some fine glitter to the solution which will be the stars of your galaxy. Elongate the cotton balls and push them to the bottom of the jar. Repeat the steps a few times again, and voila your gorgeous galaxy is ready!

2. Some flowers to lighten your mood

Obviously, I’m not asking you to step out and buy those beautiful carnations and roses, cause, hello… social distancing! But with the hoards of tissues you would have stalked up or with any paper lying around, you can easily make your own flowers using the age old technique of origami.

You would need paper, preferably in nice pastel colours, stapler, scissors and glue stick.

Cut one paper 6” wide and 18” long and other 2”wide and 18” long. Stick the 2”wide paper exactly at the center of the 6” wide one. Do an accordion fold up the tissue paper and once that is done fold the paper into half. Staple the center of the fold and cut a point at each edge of the paper. Now using the glue, stick both the ends of the paper together and fan out the blossom evenly. If you have some green paper, you can cut out leaves and stick to the flower. There you go, you have your own flowers to spread some positivity in the house!

3. Let loose!

Honestly, nothing soothes the mind more than some great music, an empty canvas, some paints and your free flowing thoughts. Pick up that brush and make any stroke of whatever you are feeling at the moment. You don’t have to be a Picaso, just let loose and have a good time

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