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Doc Destiny: The season of Scorpio


Since the month of Scorpio has just begun, in today’s column, we will try to understand the significance of the eighth zodiac sign and the unique qualities and characteristics of individuals born between October 21 to November 20, that is, the Scorpions. So, if you are a Scorpio or someone in your life is, then read on as we will shed light on some of the lesser-known facts and traits of this zodiac sign.

Date: October 21 to November 20

Ruling planets: Mars and Pluto

Natural house: Eighth

Keywords: Transformation, intensity, mastery, magnetism, penetration, power, sexuality, secrets, destruction, mysterious, suspicious, covert, trauma, self-destruction, vindictive, resentment, and controlling

Appearance: Inscrutable Scorpio has dark, brooding eyes and an intense gaze. The body is strong, subtly magnetic, and the gaze gives nothing away. Hair and complexion are often dark. A sleek, power wardrobe puts the gloss on a generally impressive effect.

Personality: A charismatic Scorpio is difficult to get to know. The fact that a Scorpio maintains an air of secrecy only adds to his/ her dangerous charm. This is a highly intuitive personality that understands other people very well, instinctively picking up on any feelings they try to hide. With a desire for power paramount, Scorpio does not hesitate to use the knowledge gained through insight to manipulate people for his or her own ends.

This sign goes where other signs fears to tread, breaking all the taboos. It is nevertheless a change-resistant personality. A scorpion rarely says an outright no, even when it would be in his or her best interest. In the same vein, when the proverbial sting in the tail does its damage, it can be self-destructive.

Money: Scorpio is always in control and has a ‘what’s mine is mine’ attitude when it comes to money, although this person isn’t necessarily mean. The sign’s instinct for self-preservation shows itself in well-ordered finances aimed at conserving wealth. At the same time, Scorpio is a lavish spender and enjoys making risky investments that Scorpio knows intuitively are a good bet.


Careers: With links to everything hidden and covert, Scorpio is often employed as a doctor, scientist, detective, surveillance operator or private investigator, pathologist, hospice worker, psychiatrist, research worker, psychologist, hypnotherapist, insurance agent, or investigator. The sign’s links to sex and medicine take Scorpio into gynaecology, midwifery, and sex therapy. Scorpio’s profile is also suited to nuclear weapons design or work as a submariner, diver, law enforcement officer, complementary medicine practitioner, butcher, or business.


Leisure activities: Scorpio is particularly attracted to things like occult science, metaphysics, mysteries, and magic of all kinds. This Mars-ruled sign also enjoys martial arts, working out, and jogging. The danger that the sign craves can be found in motor racing, pot-holing, or reading thrillers. Barhopping or nightclubbing are popular evening entertainments. Water is a strong attraction, and diving or snorkelling is something they love to do. Scorpions are also very obsessive about technology, like smartphones or computers.

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