Doc Destiny: The first letter of your name and you -- Part 2

Numerology is a form of astrology that is all about numbers. But it is a unique form where alphabets play a key role in defining one’s luck, fortune and future. Apart from that, the first letter of your name can tell a lot about your personality and characteristics. So, in today’s column, we will try to find out what the first letter of your name says about you.

(…continued from last week)

O: Skillful, have a strong willpower, religious, convictions, high morals, patient, law abiding, emotional, jealous, moody, conservative, deep faith in god, aesthetic, nature loving, private persons and are financial savvy.

P: Spiritual, generous, spendthrifts, powerful, good orators, talented, administrative, fearless, intelligent, knowledgeable, impressive, commanding, aloof, secretive, level-headed and impatient.

Q: Authoritative, mysterious, misunderstood, victim of gossip, direct, outspoken, good orators, talkative, dreamers, doubtful, intuitive, confused, unstable they live in two worlds-physical and spiritual.

R: Inspiring, ambitious, popular, understanding, hardworking, perseverant, gentle, kind, helpful, emotional, have an inner power, lively, critical, non-tolerant, and sacrificing, have a poor memory, confident and social.

S: Vocal, dual, charmers, charismatic, encouraging, enthusiastic, warm, devoted, moody, intense, extremists, emotional, sensitive, passionate and loving. They need success and self-esteem.

T: Decisive, powerful, stubborn, extremists, good counselors, dynamic, protective, aggressive, sensitive, self-sacrificing, spiritual and friendly. They thrive on love.

U: Good learners, observers, thoughtful, hardworking, courageous, wavering mind, loyal, financially secure, resistance, indecisive, selfish, creative, intuitive, lucky, intelligent, attractive, charming and glamorous.

V: Opinionated, friendly, good observers, energetic, hardworking, spiritual, knowledgeable, intuitive, insightful, prophetic, imaginative, dreamers and manifest their dreams, efficient, eccentric, loyal, dependable, unpredictable and possessive.

W: Tolerant, adaptable, intelligent, affectionate, determined, good conversational skills, intuition, involved, engrossed, social, charismatic, creative, expressive and superficial. Adventurous and they love travelling.

X: The latter signifies courage, patience, the power of making the right comparison, the ability to put things tighter. Intuition and renewed hope. Those who have this letter in their name will achieve all their goals. They are very sensual and artistic, as well as responsive and perceptive.

Y: Mild-mannered, soft hearted, gentle, freedom loving, unrestricted, ambitious, courageous, independent, refined, stylish, intuitive, perceptive, intelligent, aloof and underconfident.

Z: Intelligent, successful, diplomatic, tactful, opportunists, nervous, optimistic, dynamic, understanding, compassionate, kind, sharp mind, good reflexes, wise, mediators, impulsive, impatient, stubborn and a comfortable life is important to them.

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