Doc Destiny: The first letter of your name and you

Numerology is a form of astrology that is all about numbers. But it is a unique form where alphabets play a key role in defining one’s luck, fortune and future. Apart from that, the first letter of your name can tell a lot about your personality and characteristics. So, in today’s column, we will try to find out what the first letter of your name says about you.

A: Intelligent, sensitive, ambitious, opinionated, authoritative, courageous, stubborn, willful, generous, disciplined and good at administration.

B: Honest, peace-loving, talented, emotional, spiritual, sensitive, moody, friendly, loyal, understanding, good observers, secretive, sometimes shy, quarrelsome, imaginative and creative.

C: Intuitive, demonstrative, expressive, humorous, inspiring, outspoken, spontaneous, optimistic, and creative and have good strength and administrational qualities.

D: Bold, opinionated, hardworking, perseverant, practical, down to earth, efficient, orderly, systematic, shrewd, determined, stubborn, rigid and authoritative.

E: Flexible, spiritual, secretive, cautious, ambitious, helpful, dual, freedom lovers, passionate, social, friendly, entertainers, perceptive, original, versatile, and restless and love to travel.

F: Courageous, powerful, focused, stubborn, administrative, loyal, decisive, goal-oriented, strong, confident, healthy, god fearing, responsible, self-sacrificing, loving, friendly, hospitable, warm, compassionate, helpful, high headed, interfering and prone to melancholy.

G: Self-sacrificing, confident, strong, innovative, tolerant, will-power, affectionate, lazy, thinkers, visionaries, determined, imaginative, methodical, disciplined, orderly, clairvoyant, analytical, introspective, intuitive and will be either very honest or very dishonest.

H: Intuitive, good planners and great organizers, caring, protective, cautious, careful, generous towards self, creative, original, independent, sceptic, self-doubt, firm, well balanced, level- headed and will make and lose money easily.

I: Expressive, impulsive, deep thinkers, hardworking, emotional, considerate, understanding, artistic, good taste, steadfast, idealist, overdramatic, romantic, and imaginative.

J: Extremists, kind-hearted, self- confident, enthusiastic, administrative, egoistic, friendly, dignified, gracious, just, honest, loyal, reliable, sincere, pleasers, talented, clever, original but indecisive & dual.

K: Creative, intuitive, gifted, achievers, helpful, protective, popular, emotional, successful, multifaceted, nervous, fearful and live in an imaginary world.

L: Good taskmasters, good memory, determined, hard Working, great achievers, intelligent, honest, sincere, generous, good-natured, emotional and they love travelling.

M: Intelligent, hardworking, stubborn, decisive, responsible, reputed, shrewd, aesthetic, moody, practical, strong-willed, good organizers, their life is full of changes and they worry a lot.

N: Extremists in moods and feelings, sympathetic, impulsive, pleasure-seeking, sensitive, powerful, health problems, intuitive, creative, original, unconventional, opinionated, famous but tend to repeat mistakes.

(To be continued for next week...)

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