Doc Destiny: The power of zero

Today’s date being April 30, which also contains a zero, in today’s article we will talk about the power of zero. We will also try to find out the significance of zero and its impact on one’s life (People who are born on the 10th, 20th or 30th of any month).

The number zero denotes infinity, comprehensiveness, openness and wholeness. Zero is the only number that represents all that is, including all potential.

The digit looks like a wheel of fortune, just like the wheel, it goes up and down. It is found that people who have an association with this number are always moving, their life is full of change. In short, there is no stability in their life.

Such individuals should stay away from gambling and speculative activities. They should work hard instead of taking short cuts and should never indulge in any kind of illegal activity.

People who are born on the 10th, 20th or 30th are generally blessed with good fortune. They have the ability to bounce back from failures or tragic situations.

The birth date with a prefix of zero is adjusting, compromising and flexible by nature. They go through the uncertainties of life with a smile and have a good sense of humour. People who have a zero in their date of birth are great at visualisation and manifestation. They tend to have good intuitive power and get connected with higher energies easily as compared to others.

Understanding today’s date: April 30 – This is a combination of 3, Jupiter and 0 of Infinity. The power of three slows down to 0, the process is slow and hence, the people who are born on the 30th or any month have to work hard to be successful and earn money.

Ideally, such individuals should have three sources of income. The influence of zero makes them waste energy and most of the times, they leave their jobs undone. They are thinkers and formulate policies of their own.

They struggle a lot at the early stages of life, but after turning 30, they slowly and gradually excel in their career/ occupation or profession. They advocate universal love and brotherhood. They work for the welfare of mankind. Good wishes to all persons celebrating their birthday today or are born on the 30th of any month.

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