Do revisit your destinations from the past; they take you back in time to where you originally belong

With the passage of time, many things turn into a passé, including some places you used to visit frequently. Think of a place, you visited almost every day or as often as possible in the past? Now try and recollect when did you last visit that place? The very thought of the place opens up a box full of memories attached to it.

Just recently I happened to take a stroll down the lane which was the shortest route to my school. Staying on a hill lock had its own advantage of peace and serenity. But also had a disadvantage in not been able to find a proper mode of transport. So we friends used to explore as many routes as possible that would help us reach our school before the prayer bell.

I was walking down that stretch after almost 25 years. The steps that took us down from the hill lock were still the same, except they had now lost their definite identity and seemed old and rugged. Similar to what has happened with me in these years. I could relate with them just the way I used to during school days.

As I walked further down, I came across a temple which had grown in size and structure as compared to its small several years back. Despite the exam period, I could not see any schools going kids dropping for a quick blessing (guess they might have had a live darshan on YouTube) just to ensure they are able to answer at least all the objective questions correctly with Gods’ help. We used to do it every time we passed by that temple during our exam days. It helped us boost our confidence with the mere thought that God too is with us.

After walking down several steps (I remember counting them couple of times those days) I reached on the road that would take me directly to my school. Every step from here gave me a strange feeling that I was no stranger to this road, yet it was not the same anymore. The surroundings had changed. A small shop run by a widow, which happened to be our homemade ice-cream corner had now turned into a super market. Variety of ice-creams were available besides plethora of other things in that super market, but that motherly feeling of that lady was missing. Now when I think back, I wonder. During school days we went there to eat only ice-cream or we were drawn towards it for the love and affection.

After few minutes I walked, I finally reached at my school gate. Since exams were on, the playground bore a deserted look. Few parents were sitting under the shadow of ancient tamarind tree, waiting for their wards to finish their exam of the day. As the school electronic bell rang, it brought back the memories of the manual iron bell which had its own soothing melody to all ears. Except if you were late to school or yet to finish writing your paper.

It was time for me to walk back home the same stretch, not forgetting to count the steps I had to climb. After all these steps took me down the memory lane and to where I once belonged!