Ra in Sanskrit means that which is radiant and “ma” means myself. That which shines forth within me is Rama. That which is radiant in every particle of the being is Rama.

Rama was born to Dashratha and Kaushalya. Dashratha means “the ten-charioted one” in Sanskrit. It signifies the five sense organs and the five organs of action. Kaushalya is Sanskrit for “skilled.” The skilful driver of the ten chariots can give birth to Rama. When the five sense organs and the five organs of action are used skillfully, radiance is born within.

Rama was born in Ayodhya, which in Sanskrit means “the place where no war can happen.” When there is no conflict in our mind, then radiance can dawn.

Lakshmana, the brother of Rama, was born of Sumitra – the good friend. When the five sense organs and five organs of action are cooperating within you, awareness is born. Often we try to look within for radiance. Just realise that you are radiant.

Once when Sri Sri was 5 or 6 years old, he closed his eyes and said to a visiting saint, “Swamiji, I do not see any light.” The saint replied, “You are the light! How can you see the light?”
Bangalore, India
April 13, 2000

Often people say, “Be the same outside as you are inside.” But I ask you, how is this possible?
Inside you are a vast ocean, an infinite sky. Outside you are finite – just a small limited form, a normal stupid person.
All that you are inside – the love, the beauty, the compassion, the Divinity – does not show up fully outside. What shows outside is only the crust of behaviours.

Ask yourself, am I really my behavioural patterns? Am I really this limited body-mind complex? No. You are not the same inside as outside. Do not mistake the outer crust for what you are inside. And do not show your infinite lordship outside, for Divinity is not easily understood. Let there be some mystery.

Rishikesh, India
March 19, 1998

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