Indore: Solar cooking session at Jimmy McGilligan Centre

Indore: Inventor and designer of many solar cookers and world famous master solar chef Prof Celestino Rodrigues Ruivo from Portugal visited the city and conducted solar cooking training for students of a school at Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development on Tuesday.

He introduced students to various types of solar panel cookers, solar ovens and parabolic solar stoves and the box cooker and the process of solar rays concentrating and creating heat/energy to cook.

“He also practically taught them to make an eggless cake by involving them in the complete process. Students also learnt to solar cook vegetable pulav and Ambadi ka Sharbat,” McGilligan Centre director Padma Shri Janak Palta McGilligan said.

Celestino will deliver a lecture in IIT-Indore on Wednesday and visit Pragya Girls school on Thursday for a training programme.

Free Press Journal