Indore: National Solidarity Day Today

Indore: As the Centre attempts to normalise life in Jammu and Kashmir and has opened post-paid telephone connection lines , the terrorists’ act continue to among citizens in various informal talks and seminars. This was shared by some Kashmiri businesspersons in Indore for their business this week. The businesspersons requested anonymity to avoid being targeted by the agencies.

We spoke to them commemorating October 20, which has come to acquire a special significance for every Indian. It was on this date two years ago that our northern neighbour, whom we had treated as a friend, launched an attack on our borders. During the weeks that followed this fateful day, the world witnessed a most heart-warming demonstration of the basic unity and solidarity of the Indian people.

The observance of National Solidarity Day is an annual reminder of this fundamental unity. On this day, the thoughts of the whole nation turn to our Armed Forces who gallantly guard our extensive borders and who have, throughout history, been famous for their courage and stamina.

“The scenario in Kashmir is difficult because Kashmiri politicians including Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti and others have suddenly lost their empire and it is natural for them to be angry,” Jumal Khan (name changed) said. He lives in Downtown, Srinagar and quoted how the fear is still catching up with Kashmiris.

“Civilians are not angry, but yes, terrorist agencies, politicians and of course, Pakistani forced are angry, scared and up for action,” Khan said. Rumours about do or die situation are being floated frequently among civilians to scare them of possible situation.

“People open their shops in all parts of Kashmir for 3 hours in morning from 6 am to 9 am because of this fear,” said Hunaid Farooq (name changed). He explained that business and normal scenario is a wish for every civilian, but the fear seems endless.

“If we are able to have a stable Kashmir like the rest of states in India, then there is no doubt that life would be much better, because we would have more employment opportunities, safety and development, but hopefully, it will not hurt the natural beauty of the state and industries would be controlled here,” Farooq said.

Sharing the ways in which terrorist and separatist are trying to create a negative environment, Asif Ahmad (name changed) said, “We are being hammered by quoting that Kashmir’s special status was taken away and we should be fighting it.” Though many are refraining from such discussions, many youngsters are often charmed by the passion and mind-washing techniques of terrorists.

“The problem is that there are too many, Pakistan is afraid that India can take over their occupied Kashmir and maybe even Pakistan, so they are fighting it, politicians are of course angry so using their power, terrorists are also fighting it, because abolition of article 370 also means more security in Kashmir and fewer chances of conflicts,” Ahmad Kurshid Khan (name changed) said.

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