Indore: Most school kids give thumbs up to online education, primary, mid-level think otherwise

Tina Khatri | Updated on: Friday, April 23, 2021, 09:10 PM IST


Indore: A survey states that nearly 56 per cent students in India now feel comfortable with the online learning model, but most primary and middle school students in Indore feel otherwise.

The findings of survey by Brainly, an online learning platform, said, “With the recent surge in Covid-19 cases, most of the students were apprehensive about going back to school at present.”

It added that about 56 per cent of students preferred continuing with online learning in the current scenario. “More than half of the surveyed students preferred the blended learning model over others,” the survey said.

The survey titled ‘Lockdown and Learn-From-Home model’ was conducted on 2,371 students across the country to understand how the past year has changed the education and learning patterns of students across India.

The survey added that moreover, students felt more empowered with online learning platforms. “About two-thirds of the students said that they were now more ‘flexible’ and ‘self-reliant’ than before,” said the findings.

“Nearly half of them also felt more ‘confident’. A large chunk of students even claimed that such platforms helped them learn at their own pace, something which is otherwise not possible,” survey report said.

Offline learning is must for understanding especially in Primary and Middle School

Sharing his experience, 12-year-old student Lakshya K said, “I don’t like the idea of online learning, as it is more like sitting in front of the screen with a robot and less like learning.” He added that the year-long online classes have not helped him in learning much.


“I can barely say that I learned 30 percent of anything new in the entire year, which is clearly not enough and definitely now justified to the time we spent online,” Lakshya said.

Another student 7-year-old Manit Sanghi said, “I don’t like online learning, it’s very boring and irritating!” His mother added that the child has lost interest in studying, as learning online is too challenging and lack the personal touch.

“Manit doesn’t learn much and requires tuition now, which is truly a sorry state for a child, who is just 7!” the mother added.


Parents considering home schooling

“With this online learning system failing us and students in most ways, we are now considering home schooling for our children,” mother Kaniksha Ramnani said. She added that home schooling seems like a more practical option now.

“Even now, most of the teaching and explanation has to be done by us, so what’s the point of forcing students to sit in front of the screen for hours!” Ramnani said.

Another parent Lavina Bansal said, “My child has learned a lot of new skills by just staying at home, but to be honest, he has not learned much in online school.”

Educationists feel self-reliance is an essential lesson

“Online education helps in bringing self-reliance among students, which is a norm in many western countries, so that’s one positive we must look at,” Reena Khurana, a private school principal said. She added that the concept of teacher’s spoon feeding cannot be a part of our education system in online learning.

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Published on: Friday, April 23, 2021, 09:10 PM IST