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Indore: A lion cub has gone missing from Kamla Nehru Prani Sanghralaya, i.e. Indore city zoo. Due to the darkness in the cave and the presence of a lioness, the search is not fruitful. Lioness Megha gave birth to three cubs four days ago.

A cub was very weak since birth. Two cubs were seen on Thursday evening, but the weaker cub did not show up.

When city zoo in-charge Dr Uttam Yadav came to know about this, he reached the cave with the staff. They lit the torch and looked for the cubs from afar in the cave for several hours, but to no avail.

Yadav said that one of the three cubs was very weak. “It was kept in the hospital for observation. But in the case of wild animals, it is also dangerous to keep the child far away from the mother, so the cub was left in the cave again with the tigress,” he said.

The tigress was not feeding her. The staff had been trying for two days, but the tigress Megha would not let the weaker cub near her.

Does tigress often eat the cub?

A few years back, Megha had eaten one of her cubs. Even that cub was weak from birth. “This tendency is found in wild animals. But the cave is deep, for this reason, it is not possible to say right now whether the mother has eaten her child or he has died,” Yadav said.

The cave will be thoroughly swilled, only then the correct presence of cub can be determined.

The other two cubs are just a few days old. Hence, it is impossible to take Megha away from the cave and look for the missing cub. “If we keep away the mother from the children, she can kill both these cubs as well,” Yadav said.

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