Updated on: Thursday, August 05, 2021, 07:34 PM IST

Indore: Cases of eye infections increase by 40 percent in monsoon

Doctors alerted to maintain hygiene, avoid getting drenched in rains to prevent diseases.

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): With the long forecast weather conditions in city, ophthalmologists appeal people not to ignore symptoms like redness, swelling or burning sensation in the eyes, as it could be conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer, or stye, the most common eye infections developed in the rainy season.

According to senior ophthalmologist Dr Sharad Pandit, “People enjoy monsoon rains and pleasant weather conditions, but they should not forget that rain water too can cause many types of infections mainly conjunctivitis, which increases to 35-40 per cent during the monsoon and those affected mainly are the children.”

He said that awareness is the only way to remain healthy and to avoid such infections as people can recover from it in four-five days but should consult an ophthalmologist when there is no relief.

“Conjunctivitis is a monsoon malady, which can also be known as inflammation or infection of conjunctiva. It can occur in any season, but incidences are more during the rainy season. Another reason for increasing cases is house flies which spread the infection from one person to another,” Dr Pandit said.

General physician Dr Mahendra Jha said, “Number of patients for various eye infections are increasing in OPD and people need to be extra careful as they are highly contagious. People can prevent diseases by maintaining hand hygiene.”

“Use dark glasses, don’t shake hands with others, use drops prescribed by doctors instead of trying home remedies are some common ways to prevent the disease,” Dr Jha added.

Dr Pandit suggested ways to prevent eye infections

-Most eye diseases are transmitted by hand-to-eye contact. Therefore, wash your hands before touching your eyes in order to reduce or prevent infection

-Avoid rubbing your eyes as that only increases chances of spreading the infection. Instead, use disposable tissues to wipe off the overflowing discharge or tears

-Avoid getting drenched in rain. Always wear adequately protective rain gear

-Be careful of dirty water, muck and dampness during monsoon season

-Do not share personal products like handkerchiefs, sunglasses, and contact lenses with others.


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Published on: Thursday, August 05, 2021, 07:34 PM IST