Cyber security damage will cost world $ 6 million annually, says Abbas Mehdi, Joint Director, Ministry of Electronics & IT

Indore: Abbas Mehdi, Joint Director, Ministry of Electronics & IT, Government of India has said that cyber crimes are of major concern these days and so they have been high on the agenda of authorities. The Cyber security ventures predicts that cyber security damage will cost the world $ 6 million annually. As more and more data are available in digital form, it makes it easy to analyze and generate insights, but at the same time they are susceptible to security breaches.

Mehdi said this while addressing a webinar organized by Indore Management Association’s Student Chapter under its series, Unfolding Secrets: The IMA way on Saturday. The webinar’s topic was “Current trends of Cyber & Preventive Measures”.

Abbas Mehdi started the session by asking is Cyber Security a Concern? He said cyber crimes are committed by educated, sophisticated professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the Technology. It’s easy to commit and difficult to detect and also harder to prove.

Different types of Cyber Crimes:

There are two types of cyber crimes… Malware and Trojans. Malware is a software that performs a malicious task on a target device or network, e.g. corrupting data or taking over a system. Trojans are named after the Trojan horse of ancient Greek history, the Trojan is a type of malware that enters a target system looking like one thing, e.g. a standard piece of software, but then lets out the malicious code once inside the host system.

COVID-19 Pandemic impacts

-The new ‘work from home’ concept has thrown up new challenges.

-Use of personal device for businesses or handling sensitive information.

-Provisioning corporate asset to support remote login arrangements.

-Proper deployment and configuration of remote services, corporate VPNs and related to factor authentication methods

-Low security standards of home WI-FI systems.

Govt. initiative for cyber security:

-Establishment of NCIIPC

-Cyber Swachhta Kendra’ (Botnet Cleaning and Malware Analysis Centre)

-Issue of Alert and Advisory regarding cyber Attack and its measures.

-Issue Guideline to CISO regarding their key roles and responsibilities for securing applications / infrastructure and compliance

-Website Audit

-Crisis Management plan

-Training and Mock drill

-Personal Data Protection bill

Golden Rules:

  1. There are no guaranteed get-rich-quick schemes - sound to good to be true?

  2. Never send money or give out your details when you do not know/trust the person or company you are giving them to.

  3. Destroy personal information, shred documents, credit cards etc.

  4. Log directly onto a website rather than clicking on the link provided.

  5. Never reply to spam emails, even when you're trying to stop them.

  6. Always remember: scammers are cunning and clever. They know how to manipulate you to produce the response they want.

  7. Legitimate banks and companies will not ask for your details via email or phone.

  8. Just because a company has a well design website doesn't means it is legitimate.

  9. Be suspicious. If you are unsure about anything, seek advice from family or Police.

  10. Never get embarrassed by reporting a scam – If you spot a scam report to the concerned authority.

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