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At a time when surviving coronavirus is a challenge, the best gift that a daughter can give to her mother is by beating all odds to overcome the infection. The gift is more amazing when you consider that the daughter is only 29-days old, and has become the youngest corona survivor in Indore.

Yashasvi, a survivor to the core, has given the best Mother’s Day gift possible to her mother Manisha Rajure by defeating deadly disease, that too on the eve of the day dedicated to all mothers.

Interestingly, the doctor who saved her life is also a mother of a 7-year-old boy, and could connect with the mother-daughter duo.

Yashasvi was admitted to the Choithram Hospital with COVID-19 when she was 20-days old and was suffering from breathlessness and fever. It was heart-wrenching for the new mother when her fragile baby was shifted in ICU with oxygen support.

It was touch and go. However, Manisha didn’t lose hope and continued strengthening her bond with Yashasvi by spending hours with her. As the bond between the mother and daughter strengthened by the day, Yashasvi rapidly recovered and came out of danger.

“We treat the mother and child as one entity. A mother needs to be strong and healthy if she wants to make her baby healthy. Apart from treating them clinically, we gave some tips to Manisha after which she gained in confidence to fight the disease along with her daughter,” Dr Rashmi Shad, a senior paediatrician in Choithram Hospital, told Free Press.

Dr Shad said there is no better medicine and source of succour for a child than her mother’s milk.

“Baby’s immunity can be developed only by mother’s milk. Initially, Manisha feared that she might catch the infection from her daughter and that in turn might harm the infant. However, we taught her the right way of breastfeeding. We gave Yashasvi proper medication due to which we were able to remove her oxygen support within three days and she was discharged from the hospital in just nine days,” Dr Shad said.

My son gave me strength to take the challenge: Doc

Sharing her experience of treating the youngest COVID 19 patient, Dr Shad said that it was a challenge for her and her team but as she is also a mother of a seven-year-old boy, she felt Yashasvi’s pain as a mother, which gave her the strength to take on the challenge.

“I was confident that we would succeed. We were not only giving her the correct treatment but at the emotional level, I shared my personal experience with Manisha on bringing up a baby. Unfortunately, I cannot stay with my son Kahan for a few more days, as I am in quarantine. However, I am happy and take Yashasvi's discharge as a gift for Mother’s Day,” the paediatrician said.

81-year-old man too won over the disease

Saturday broke many myths about coronavirus. One being, that the very old and the very young do not survive the infection. Not only did 29-day-old-Yashasvi beat the disease, so did 81-year-old Gendalal Nagar, who was discharged from the Shri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences.

Nagar said that people should not listen to rumours that everything ends if you get COVID-19, especially if you are old. “We can win over the disease by being positive and I did that. I want to appeal to the people to remain positive and believe in God, then everything will be alright.

183 people discharged on Saturday, highest in a day

As many as 183 patients were discharged from various hospitals on Saturday, making it the highest number of patients to be released in a day. A couple of days back, 141 patients were discharged.

As many as 80 patients were discharged from Aurobindo Hospital, 17 from Choithram Hospital, eight from Robert Nursing Home, 21 from Chandra Leela and 52 from President Park (both were COVID Care Centres where asymptomatic positive patients were kept) and five from Index Medical College.

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