'Sent to create chaos': Dilip Ghosh says ambulance blocked by BJP rally was 'vacant'
Photo: Dilip Ghosh/Twitter

West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh on Monday turned away an an ambulance that was trying to make its way through a rally that he was addressing.

Calling it a disruptive tactic by the Trinamool Congress, he ordered the vehicle to divert its route.

In a video of the incident he can be heard saying, "Divert the route of ambulance as hundreds of people are sitting here. They (TMC) are doing it purposely. It is their tactic to disrupt this rally."

Ghosh later took to Twitter to share pictures of from the rally.

On January 8, addressing the video and the ensuing controversy, Ghosh took to Twitter to clarify that it was a vacant ambulance.

"A vacant ambulance was sent to the peaceful assembly at Krishnanagar in order to create chaos, later the ambulance driver stalled the car in order to hear the deliberation. At least 25000 people and the local-national media have been witness to this incident," he wrote.

In a second tweet he added that it was "the culture of the BJP to let an ambulance pass through even amidst lakhs of people".

(With inputs from agencies)

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