Meet Faiz 'critic' Vashi Sharma - IIT Kanpur Prof and  'love jihad' crusader who wants to 'liberate' Muslim women
Vashi Sharma/ Facebook

The IIT Kanpur professor, Vashi Sharma, 32, who had filed a complaint against students for reciting Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz's poem 'Hum Dekhenge' at an anti-CAA protest, has been known for writing anti-Muslim articles and tweets.

Earlier, he has spoken about 'love jihad' and said that it is a term coined by Hindu fundamentalist groups. The term 'love jihad' is for an alleged campaign by Muslim men to convert Hindu girls.

Associated with 'Agniveer' an organisation which claims to promote Vedic Dharma and counter falsehood, their website describes him as a globally renowned energy scientist and an Islamic terrorism expert.

Sharma has been working as a professor at IIT Kanpur since 2016 under the INSPIRE scheme by the government which allows a postdoctoral fellow to teach at any Indian Institute for a period of five years. He has studied at IIT-Bombay

He also known to be a 'gau rakshak' (one who protects cow).

Agniveer's websites have videos and articles where Sharma can be seen explaining 'love jihad'.

He has also resorted to saying that he has an 'army of good guys' who can liberate Muslim women by marrying them and get them back to the path of dharma.

He has also written articles on the difference between Rohingya Muslims and Pakistan Hindus.

Not only has he written articles against Muslims, but also has authored handful of books in Hindi and English titled 'Indian Muslims- Children of India or Slaves of Arabs', Exposing Zakir Naik', The Naked Mughals' to name a few, the website showed.

Apart from this, he has also tweeted some anti-Muslim content.

Apparently, he had objected the students reciting 'Hum Dekhenge' because the poem was written by a Pakistani poet.

ThePrint quoted him saying, "Why did they not sing a poem by (Ramdhari Singh) Dinkar? We also have Indian rebel poets," he said. The poem had a line that said 'Bas naam rahega Allah ka' and it hurt his sentiments because the peom did not mention Lord Ram, he said.

He said that he supports the government's decision to implement CAA.

Earlier, Sharma had filed a complaint against the students reciting 'Hum Dekhenge' at a protest against CAA. The move came after a complaint that the students who took out a peaceful march in the campus on December 17 against the Citizenship Amendment Act and in solidarity with Jamia Millia Islamia students, sung it as a mark of protest, which hurt the sentiments of other communities.

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