How will sign changes of Jupiter affect your horoscope?

What will be impact of Sign changes of Jupiter?

Jupiter-Saturn's conjunction on 29th march is major as both planets are very influential and are considered slow-motion planets. According to Vedic astrology, Saturn changes its position in about two and a half years while Jupiter changes its place in about twelve to thirteen months. Thus, it takes many years for these planets to be combined or set together in conjunction.

If Jupiter is naturally counted as an auspicious planet, then Saturn is considered to be prominent among the cruel planets.

Jupiter considered the most auspicious planet in Vedic astrology, will enter Capricorn on Sunday night, March 29, 2020, where Saturn, the lord of Capricorn is already seated. This conjunction will last for about three months because on 30 June Jupiter will return to its own Sagittarius sign and will remain there till 20 November. This conjunction will come into effect again due to the return of the planet to Capricorn on 20 November 2020.

The most important thing about Jupiter-Saturn's conjunction is that when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn on March 29, Mars will also appear in an exaggerated state in the same sign and remain there until May, that is: A grand conjunction of Jupiter, Mars and Saturn will be seen over a period of about a month or more, which in many cases is said to be highly effective.

Jupiter-Saturn combination :

If we look at history, about 59 years back i.e. in the year 1961, Jupiter and Saturn's conjunction was seen in Capricorn, which continued till 1962. We all know that at that time, the Indo-China war had started, during which India suffered a great loss.

At present That same conjunction of planets has occurred and we see that a disease “Corona of China” has wreaked havoc and Indian economy is suffering a huge setback.At that time also China had won in this fight and the country had suffered loss and even today China has managed to sustain itself, but our own country is still facing this problem.

When Jupiter comes back in Capricorn on November 20, I foresee a lot of progress in India.

My advice would be that no time is confused with any kind of peace, this time will be the golden time of India.

Jupiter will enter the ninth house in the horoscope of independent India at this time, which indicates dharma. This conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will mark a major impact on the ninth and third houses, due to which religious activities will increase and major political and religious decisions will be declared by the court. At the same time, conditions with neighboring countries may also be affected. Seeing the third sight of Saturn, the profit will increase in the country; By looking at the third house from the ninth house, the power of the country will increase and the other countries will benefit. With the tenth vision, the country will get victory over the enemies and will get rid of debt.

Aries: There will be success in the field of religion and spirituality, but also in the field of progress. You can get an opportunity to visit a pilgrimage site. Bosses in the office will be happy with your work. Mutual love

will grow. You can also get an opportunity for promotion in the job. You will get the privilege of going on a pilgrimage. There will be increased interest in religious works. Close proximity to relatives will increase. If there is a stomach problem it will end.

Taurus: There will be interest in the field of education. The student class will get fruitful results. Any valuable gift can be received from the in-laws' favor. There will be a problem regarding health. At the beginning of this year, your desire to know a secret will be intense. But you can also have health related problems. In particular, problems related to the digestive system can be encountered. There is a possibility of profit from business.

Gemini: Auspicious effects of Guru will bring happiness in your married life. Partnership in business will also benefit. If you are involved in research work, then there is a strong possibility of success in that too. Marital life will be happy. Unmarried may get marriage proposal. There will be success in research related work in the field of education. Use caution in travel. Use caution when driving.

Cancer: There will be peace in married life. At the beginning of the year you may have stomach related health problems. The mutual dispute going on in married life will end. Stomach problems can be irritating. The adversary can annoy. Therefore, you have to take care of your health on this side. Avoid the tricks of your enemies, because they can try their best to harm you. You may have to suffer financial loss.

Leo: If you are involved in the field of education, then you are likely to get tremendous success in this. One can also go abroad for higher education. There may also be problems related to health. Success can be found on the academic front. Obesity problems can cause problems. The business is likely to benefit from a partner. These problems may be associated with stomach, obesity or bloating. Special care has to be taken of the health of the father. Spouses may have bad feelings.

Virgo: Your happiness and resources will increase. Your mother will get health benefits. An atmosphere of happiness and peace will be seen in the family. There is a possibility of great success in higher education. The means of opulence will increase. There may be concern about the health of the spouse at home. Parents' health will improve. You can shop for a vehicle or property. You can also buy a new vehicle or property etc. Education will improve. Money will be spent on children's education.

Libra: May have to go on an unwanted journey. There is also a possibility of a fight with a brother or sister over something. The circumstances will suit you. May have to go on a sudden trip. Unnecessary disputes will increase. New sources of income will be created. The means of happiness will increase. There will be ups and downs in health. Your happiness will increase. The problem related to the throat can be irritating.

Scorpio: We will receive money from various sources. There will be sweetness in your speech. You will be able to control your anger. Anger will be seen increasing. Because of which the mind will be restless. Business is likely to benefit from an unexpected source. Your self-confidence will also increase. You will keep your words clear. It is the sum of profit in job or business. Spending on the domestic front may increase. Daily expenses will increase.

Sagittarius: Knowledge will increase. You will keep your moral values paramount. Education and knowledge will increase. Business life is going to progress. There will also be an opportunity for economic benefit in partnership business. You will get progress in financial life. You will have money from more than one source. May be worried about the health of the father. Many sources of wealth gains will be made.

Capricorn: Your expenses will increase. You will have money, but it will not stop on your hands. Take financial decisions carefully, otherwise you may also lose money. Daily expenses will increase. Money invested in business can be wasted. However the profit from the partnership business is the sum. Health is going to be good. A positive change in your nature can also be seen with the transit of the Guru. Money will be spent in religious travel.Aquarius: The economic side will be strong. You will also be able to save money. Love will increase with older siblings. They can assist you when needed. There is a possibility of profit in economic activities. The younger brother may have to lend money. Attitude towards family members will increase. Health can deteriorate. Children will be worried about their health

Pisces: You will get success in the field. If you are associated with the education department then it can be like a icing on the cake for you. Success can be found in the job. Positive results are expected on the academic front. This transit will prove to be more beneficial for the students of education. Your mind will also be happy after getting promoted in work. Your mind will be happy to get success in work.

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