Weekly Tarot Predictions: Tarot card Reading From Apr 29 To May 5, 2024 For All Zodiac Signs

By: Akshata Khanolkar | April 29, 2024

From your love life to career and health to spirituality, find out what the cards reveal. Read on to know your weekly Tarot messages.

Dear Aries, focus on thorough and meticulous planning, especially in your professional space. You shall work hard and it will show good results. This period calls for networking and socialising to find people who shall help you progress. 

Dear Taurus, this week brings decisive change. A situation that has been stuck since sometime will start moving ahead. You are going to be blessed with a lot of energy and clarity. 

Dear Gemini, you may have been plagued by confusing options and thoughts. It is time to cut through all that by taking balanced, logical, deliberate, tangible and decisive steps towards your goals. Get rid of distractions and clutter. 

Dear Cancerians, this week brings clarity of thought. You will be in a position to create a strong vision for your future. Allow your fears to dissolve as the possibilities could be endless. 

Dear Leo, this week your focus shall turn to your close ties and emotional connections. You could meet new friends or communicate with existing ones. Beware of work related stress. 

Dear Virgo, this week shall bring a sense of confidence, courage and self-assurance. Any discomfort or busyness shall decrease. Enjoy moments of peace, reflection, sensuality and solitude. 

Dear Libra, this week things are looking up. There is scope for much expansion and things can gain quick momentum.  However, you may feel stuck, listless, moody or bored. Take time out to re-energise and get back into the game. 

Dear Scorpio, this week your intuition and mental clarity shall be exceptional. Make sure you do not digress into over-analysing or moroseness. There is good potential for financial gains and abundance, if you are receptive. 

Dear Sagittarius, this week you are urged to break free from situations that have been restrictive. Claim your freedom, be bold, brave, honest, and take action. 

Dear Capricorn, this week brings celebratory energy, friendship and other emotional ties into focus. You are advised to temper your spending and indulgence. Try to keep your socialising low-key and more homely. 

Dear Aquarius, this week your focus needs to be on reflecting, resting and reviewing your goals. Some of you may have received a reality check recently. A new path or detour is indicated. 

Dear Pisces, this week brings wish-fulfilment, confidence, leadership skills, strength and numerous other possibilities. Some of you are poised to get recognition, appreciation and promotion for a job well done. 

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