Good enough to eat!

Recently, jewellery boutique ZOYA from the House of Tata, unveiled their Rhapsodie collection. The inspiration for this range was quite unusual. Delicate designs and rare stones characterised this collection, while its inspiration lies in techniques of haute cuisine. Gourmet techniques such as dripping, brushing, layering, scaling, wrap and roll, pinch and fold are interpreted in this summery collection. Celebrity chef Sarah Todd, who unveiled the collection along with Sussanne Khan and brand head Amanpreet Ahluwalia, tells us a little more about this interesting collection.

  • What intrigued you about the Rhapsodie collection?

n I have always been the kind, who is looking for ways to incorporate fashion into food, and what inspired me the most about this collection was the fact that ZOYA managed this beautiful amalgamation of the two together so perfectly.  The whole range is inspired by gourmet plating techniques and art in food. So, for me, it’s magic. It’s basically my two loves in one place and I think it is interesting because when it comes to food, people ask me what my inspiration is and what are the trends and actually, the same as fashion, there are trends in food. So, just as the types of plating techniques change from time to time, even the style of cooking and everything has fashion influences as well.

Good enough to eat!
  • Tell us a little about the gourmet plating techniques that have inspired the collection.

There are multiple different techniques used in creating the Rhapsodie collection. For example, one is carving, Zoya has beautiful earrings which resembles a chain that is very fluid and drips into a little teardrop at the base. Second, is brushing technique. As you are plating, and the brush strokes go across the plate that comes across in one of the rings which has a beautiful little line in between that shows the textures correctly. Then layering technique is also used. Lots of other different things and designs are used in creating this collection.

  • Can you talk about the marriage of jewellery design and food concepts?

This marriage is a work of art. Both jewellery designs and food concepts are different forms of art. The different brush strokes or plating techniques give a very beautiful finish to a dish. Ultimately, cooking has also become a form of art. Rhapsodie’s portrayal of the beauty of cooking and plating has come out extremely well.

Good enough to eat!
  • What are some of your favourite pieces in the collection and why do they appeal to you?

Gilded by Design bangle from ZOYA’s latest collection – Rhapsodie is a very stunning bracelet, inspired by the carving and scaling technique. It is a simple and elegant, but it is very beautiful. I love the texture that is coming through the design. My second favourite, for a glamorous evening I love this 43 Carat, etched in cream, amethyst ring I wore. It is on the extravagant side but beautiful. Both food and fashion are very in now and so that is amazing and appeals to me.

  • What projects are you currently working on?

n I am working on my next cookbook now. It is inspired by India and has a very fresh approach with beautiful plating, lighter dishes, healthy, very fresh Indian cooking and quick simple dishes. This is to show the world that cooking doesn’t have to be so complicated. Today’s younger generation is into cooking and they want quick things. They also enjoy preparing meals in the house which is a healthy alternative. My current cookbook will be about lots of flavour, healthy quick dishes which will be beautifully plated as well.

Good enough to eat!

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