Mother's Day 2021: Geeta Basra dishes out a few dos and don’ts for soon-to-be moms
Pic: Instagram/Geeta Basra

Geeta Basra is pregnant with her second child with husband Harbhajan Singh and is keeping rather busy taking care of her firstborn, the four-year-old Hinaya Heer Plaha, as well as the one growing inside her belly. But this time on, the pregnancy is very different. This time we are in the middle of a pandemic. And the UK-born actor is taking one day at a time. But, nothing can take away the joy of becoming a mother. “The best thing about being a mother is that it’s a part of you and it’s a piece of you. It’s something that you have created. It’s something that you see the journey of growing up and becoming an individual having an own personality. It’s great to be teaching that. It’s this feeling of having this unconditional love for something or someone that you never knew existed,” says Geeta.

But navigating the bodily changes and the emotional rollercoaster during pregnancy isn’t easy, and things are extra difficult when you have a pandemic raging around. Geeta, however, has a few tips and advices for the expecting moms:

1. Remain positive. Don’t read the news because it’s hard and it takes a toll on your mental health. You don’t want to be in a depressive state. It’s hard to just blindside everything that’s happening in the world. But because you have got a child that’s growing inside you, you don’t want the negativity to affect the child. At this point in time, try being positive as much as you can.

2. Try remaining as active as you can. There’s not too much that you can do in a pandemic other than being at home. So you need to find some activity that you can, sort of, do in order to keep yourself more active. Just be in a positive state of mind. I know it’s hard. I have had days where it’s been very hard to see what’s going on. You feel so helpless, but you have got no other choice. Especially if you have another child at home, as I do, and try to be as much positive as possible for the other child, and also for the one that’s growing inside you.

3. To be in a healthy state of mind, you require eating healthy as well. So make sure that you have a very good diet, and in a lockdown, you can at times overindulge in something. Don’t do that. There’s not much you can do. You can’t go out to the parks, you can’t go out to the beach, you can’t go out for a workout and you can’t even go to the pre-natal classes. So, what do you do? You have to find ways to balance everything at home.

4. Follow some sort of meditation or yoga for your mental well-being. It is absolutely crucial in this stage given the circumstances.

Being a mother of a four-year-old, she also has a few dos and don’ts for new moms. “Don’t eat for two because you’re not eating for two (anymore). Just relax and don’t be too hard on yourself at this point in time. Enjoy the journey because it goes so quickly. Sometimes it’s too hard and your frustration comes out. So don’t take any frustration out on your kid as it’s also hard for these children at home. They’re already sacrificing a lot as, right now, their whole lives are turned upside down. Also, if you have other children at home, be as calm as possible. Stay as positive as possible. For new mothers, just remember, it’s a very overwhelming experience, but it is the best time (of your life). Now is actually an amazing time to bond with your child as there are no disturbances at all. It’s not like a hundred people are coming home to see the baby. It’s just about you bonding with your own child. Enjoy this time of being at home with your baby and bond with the child. Enjoy the process as these years never come back as it goes away so quickly. From the time they’re born to when they’re four-five years old, you won’t even know where the time has passed away,” concludes Geeta.

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