Teji Mandi: Should investors hire an investment advisor?
Teji Mandi

The role of an investment is to help you to take care of your future financial requirements. It is a step-by-step approach to meet one’s life goals. A sound investment strategy sets you free. And, keeps you ready for any foreseen challenges.

How do I plan my investment?

Investors should keep their goals, aspirations and responsibilities in mind. Moreover, it should be in line with your income. One must avoid taking debt to invest in volatile assets like the stock market.

Investors can plan their investments by obtaining knowledge about it. Having said that, the dynamics of the market keeps changing. It requires full-time attention to learn its complexities. Devoting enough time may not be possible for individuals involved in different professions. For them, it is prudent to hire a professional advisor.

Role of an investment advisor:

An investment advisor's role is to ensure a steady stream of current income. It also requires nullifying health-related risks. Building a corpse for the future and judicious use of the debt are also important functions.

An advisor has a plethora of options to form the best strategy for the clients. A strategy should consider the current financial status of the client. Advisers can suggest investments in stocks/equities or in bonds for fixed income. Real estate, gold, and insuring health also comes under an advisor's purview.

Key takeaways:

An advisor must form strategies for the clients based on the above-mentioned requirements. The importance of an advisor is now growing and it is going to remain in #Teji in the coming future.

The role of an investment advisor becomes even more critical when it comes to the stock market. Hence, an investor must choose an advisor who knows about it before investing in the stock market.

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