Dowry deaths in Kerala: Here is how UAE-based firm is fighting dowry system in India
Dowry deaths in Kerala: Here is how UAE-based firm is fighting dowry system in India

Over the last week, Kerala has been in news for letting their daughters down. The state witnessed more than four suicide cases which was due to dowry-related harassments.

While the state government has sprung to action, that will not be enough. There needs to be a systematic change.

A father of twin daughters and Aries Group CEO Sohan Roy has introduced an anti-dowry policy in his company. While it was formally incorporated into the employment contract this week, the company had announced the ‘anti-dowry policy’ on the International Women’s Day in March, according to Khaleej Times.

The billionaire stated his company will not hire employees who accept or give wedding dowry.

The timing of this initiative comes at a time when Kerala has lost their daughters in the fight against dowry.

The company has established an ‘anti-dowry cell’ to ensure full compliance with the new policy. So that employees who violated the new policy will have to leave the company and face legal actions.

While announcing implementation of the new 10-point policy, Roy said the anti-dowry campaign will be strengthened among all employees, including Indians, working in business branches across 16 countries.

Employees renewing their existing employment contracts and new entrants will have to sign the policy. “It is for the first time in the world that an ‘anti-dowry policy’ is being made part of an employment contract by an institution. And as an Indian institution, we are extremely proud of it,” said Roy.

The company’s new policy is a 10-point charter, which includes termination of the contract in case of any kind of harassment of housewives or their parents; no employee who takes or gives dowry in the future shall be allowed to serve; any kind of harassment of wives or their parents regarding it by their staff in the future shall be considered as a violation subject to termination of service and legal measures; all employees should attend anti-dowry awareness sessions; proper counselling shall be given to those who regret their past actions among others.

An annual anti-dowry ambassador award shall be instituted and given to the best campaigner who carries out creative and effective activities to popularise this drive within and outside the group, the company said.

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