Shivpuri hockey player dribbles with fake identity, plays for a different team without an NOC

Bhopal: They have hoodwinked the opponents with their sticks in hockey fields. Now, they have deceived the administration not by their sticks but by fake identities.

The recent inter-district hockey tournament witnessed a hockey player who was found playing from another district on fake identity card.

A resident of Shivpuri, Pawan Shakya, was originally enrolled with Shivpuri district. He has played all his matches from his home district, except the one that concluded this week.

Pawan was lined up from Guna in the tournament without a no-objection certificate from Shivpuri. Another player, Zeeshan Khan, accompanied Pawan. Though, he followed him with his original name.

Pawan was allegedly influenced into the forgery by his coach, Geeta Lakhera. Zeeshan too was influenced by her, said the claims. Lakhera has been appointed as the feeder coach by Hockey Madhya Pradesh.

The secretary of Shivpuri district hockey association, Waqar Rohila, has written a complaint against both the players to the president and the secretary of Hockey Madhya Pradesh, but to no avail.

When the forgery came into light, Pawan was playing for Guna team. Despite the objection, they were allowed to continue their matches. There are claims that they were called by Sharad Sharma, the coach of team Guna, to play from their team in exchanged of money.

Pawan forged his photograph on his brother Nitesh Shakya’s Aadhaar card to play from Guna. Rohila has demanded a ban on him and an inquiry against the coaches from the state body. Lakhera has created controversies several times, he alleged.Every player has a right to play from the team they feel comfortable with, said Rohila.

They could have easily played from their desired district if they had come to get a no-objection certificate from the district they are enrolled with, he said. But forging documents and duping authorities for the same must not be tolerated, he added.The president of Hockey Madhya Pradesh Nitin Dhimole said the matter had come to his attention and he will take necessary action soon.

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