Updated on: Tuesday, October 26, 2021, 01:00 PM IST

Madhya Pradesh: Veterinary Science University breeds two female calves using embryo transplant technology

The experiment is the first of its kind in the university.

Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh): For the first of its kind, two female calves were successfully bred using embryo transplant technology in the Nana Ji Deshmukh University of Veterinary Sciences, Jabalpur.

According to Vice-Chancellor of the university, SP Mishra, it was a dream project of the governor, which was taken up by the university.

“This project aims to make improvements in livestock using embryo transplant technology. We brought some sick cows from the cowshed here and an embryo transplant was performed. The gene plasma of the Sahiwal cow breed was used. Two embryos were used and today two kids were born," he said.

AP Singh, the Director of Animal Biotechnology Center highlighted the benefits of the project in improving the milk production by the cows in the cowshed.

"The milk production of local cows in the cowshed is low, it is barely around one to two litres. If we bring our local cows here and breed Sahiwal female calves using embryo transplant technology, the genetic improvement that will take place will be present in generations to come. Milk production by cows will go up from one or two litres to 13-14 litres. Our governor had instructed us to convert the cowsheds into dairy farms," said Singh.

Singh added that through this technology, the cowsheds will be able to get more Sahiwal calves in a shorter period of time.

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Published on: Tuesday, October 26, 2021, 01:00 PM IST