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Madhya Pradesh: Tribal woman scripts saga of success through government scheme

Besides being empowered, they are fulfilling the governmentís desire to make the state self-reliant.
Woman who has scripted saga of her success. |

Woman who has scripted saga of her success. |


Hoshangabad (Madhya Pradesh): The tribal women are scripting their own saga development with the help of the schemes launched by the state government.

Besides being empowered, they are fulfilling the governmentís desire to make the state self-reliant.

One such story is about Manju Bai. She lives in the Bankhedi block of Tindwada village.

The Cottage and Village Industries Department has given her one acre under a self-reliance scheme for planting saplings of mulberry.

Mulberry trees are used to grow silkworm. Manju has strengthened her financial conditions.

According to Manju Bai, as she had no means of income it was difficult for her to feed her family members.

After getting one acre under the governmentís scheme, she has been growing silkworms for 12 years, she said.

Now, she has been earning a good amount of money and feeding her family members.

She further said that the department of silk provided her technical help.

Manju further said that she had grown 334-kg cocoons and earned Rs 1.90 lakh.

Rs 12.92cr distributed to collect crowd: Congress

A sum of Rs 12.92 crore has been distributed among the beneficiaries on the occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modiís visit to Bhopal.

Vice president of the Youth Congress Arun Dikshit said that the money had been distributed for gathering people at the Prime Minister's rally, which is illegal. On the other hand, the cancellation of the fair of Kartik Poornima held at Bandrabhan is against the religious sentiments of the people.

While the Brandabhan fair has been cancelled because of the corona pandemic nearly 2.50 lakh people are being collected to attend the Prime Ministerís rally, he said, adding that this showed the double standard of the government.

There is every reason for the government to let the Habinganj railway station be inaugurated by the Prime minister, but it should keep away from wasting money.

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