Oxygen being supplied to a hospital in Bhopal on Tuesday.
Oxygen being supplied to a hospital in Bhopal on Tuesday.

BHOPAL: The oxygen crisis at the Covid centres in state capital continued on Tuesday. All of a sudden, the low supply of oxygen has been leading to several deaths of Covid patients at the hospitals. It has almost become a routine scene at the hospitals in the state capital.

On Monday, disruption in oxygen supply led to deaths in People’s Hospital. Sources at People’s Hospital said that demand was so high that meeting it was quite a challenge for them. “We’re totally dependent upon oxygen vendors,” they said. The hospitals are struggling to manage oxygen cylinders as the requirement keeps increasing manifold with the increasing number of Covid patients flowing in daily. Previously, deaths had occurred in CITI Hospital due to disruption in oxygen supply.

However, the administration claimed that they supply oxygen cylinders according to the requirements of hospitals. Joint collector Rajesh Gupta said, “We’re closely monitoring the oxygen supply. We supply whenever we get a message about poor supply of oxygen. Actually, the demand is so high that it looks like a crisis all the time. But, even then, we’re trying hard to ensure regular supply.”

According to the Narmada Trauma Centre, “Oxygen is being supplied, but the crisis continues. The situation is far from comfortable. We have to struggle to get oxygen according to the requirement of the patients.”

Similarly, a Miracles Hospital executive said that they have to approach Govindpura for oxygen cylinders. Sometimes, the vendors do supply, but it is a difficult situation. A Paliwal Hospital executive said that the number of patients was increasing day by day leading to a crisis of oxygen.

A Niramay Hospital executive said that the situation was not easy on the oxygen front. It was not sure whether oxygen would be supplied according to requirement tomorrow.

A JK Hospital source said oxygen supply was not proper and that they were getting oxygen with great difficulty. They have to work hard to fetch oxygen cylinders every day. “Today, we’ve got a moderate supply, but there’s no assurance about tomorrow,” he added.

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