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BHOPAL: Covid patients say that, besides medication, strong willpower, meditation and Yoga aid in quicker recovery from the disease. They say that it also helps them keep calm and boost their immunity. According to them, it also increases their oxygen level.

A few such patients in the city shared their experiences with Free Press. They shared how meditation and Yoga helped them recover soon from the deadly disease. Some of them were admitted to hospital and the others were quarantined at home. Here is what they sayÖ Excerpts:

Recovered in 10 days

I got my Covid-positive report on April 10 and my lung infection was more than 25%. Iíd taken the first dose of vaccination, too. My doctor advised me hospitalisation but I didnít want that. Iíve already lost my Jijaji (sisterís husband) to Covid. I know that if I get admitted to a hospital, itís impossible to do meditation there. In fact, Iíd start feeling negative. So, I was quarantined at my home under the guidance of a doctor and recovered within only 10 days. I did meditation, which helped me keep calm and away from depression and negative vibes. It also helps you to strengthen your willpower and thatís very important at this time. Being a doctor, I can say that some parts of our body get healed automatically. Besides, love and affection from your loved ones help you to recover soon.
Dr Sandhya Shivhare, 29, trichologist

Recovered in six days

I used to do Yoga and meditation for a long time and those helped me recover soon from Covid-19. Everything was okay, but I only had breathing problems, so I got tested. I was quarantined at home and took some pills of multivitamins prescribed by doctors. I do exercises and meditation for one hour each every morning and evening. And I recovered in five to six days. I think meditation helps us grow our bodies and sharpen our minds.
Vinod Verma, 30, teacher

Meditation in the ICU

I tested Covid positive on April 10. My oxygen level was good, but I had 80% lung infection. Then, I was admitted to a private hospital for 12 days. Besides taking medicines, I used to do meditation and breathing exercises in the gallery of the ICU. And it helped me recover soon. My body pain and headaches vanished in four days. And my oxygen saturation level was also good. Now, I'm well, although I still feel a bit weak.
Suresh Talreja, 45, businessman

But I didn't lose hope

I tested Covid-positive on April 20 for the second time. I had fever, lung infection and breathing problems. My oxygen level was quite low. Despite a lot of efforts, I couldn't get a bed in any hospital. I, finally, decided to quarantine myself at home. I didn't lose hope. I used to do Rajyoga meditation for four hours daily; two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. I didn't take any medicines. And lo and behold, I got a negative report in 15 days. Now, I'm absolutely well. My son has also tested positive twice and my husband died from Covid-19 last year.
Kamla Iyer, 65, homemaker

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