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Bhopal/ Dewas: A day after the Panna district incident, where human corpses were seen floating in a river, another video from Dewas district surfaced on Wednesday where four persons are seen 'offering' a body to Narmada.

The video, which has gone viral on social media, is said to be captured by Nemawar Ghat villagers in Dewas district on May 8. The video also shows the people wearing PPE kits while conducting the 'ritual'. The body was wrapped in a cloth.

Sources said that when the villagers spotted the incident, they had approached the local police station, but no action was taken.

The practice of Jaldaag or Jal Samadhi is practiced by several communities who live on the banks of rivers in Madhya Pradesh. Though this ritual is not practiced in urban areas, it is still very much in vogue in the rural areas. According to information, the Jat community, especially living on the bank of river Narmada, follow the Jaldaag. As per rituals, if an elderly person, above 70 dies, the body is "offered" to the river believing that the river might help the soul to meet the Almighty.

Police, however, said the video is yet to be verified while sources said that the persons (seen in the video), belong to Sakatya village under Khategaon area.

Superintendent of Police, Dewas, Shiv Dayal said, “A video is doing the rounds on social media, but we are yet to verify it. No one has come forward to claim the dead. Until the video is verified, it is hard to comment.”

Sources claimed that the deceased was an 80-year-old woman from the Jat community. On May 7, the woman complained of chest pain and also had breathing problems. Before she could be taken to hospital, she succumbed.

As the family members suspect that the woman might have been suffering from Covid-19, they decided on the last rights in this manner.

They went to Nemawar Ghat, where they hired a boat and "offered" the body to the river as per their rituals called Jaldaag.

However, Free Press hasn't verified the video.

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