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BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh has no scope for any kind of impact of the new corona strain detected in Britain as there is no direct international flight to Madhya Pradesh. Therefore, any air passenger who comes from Britain, arrives through Delhi, Mumbai and other international airports. But, in spite of it, there is a need of taking precautions and preventive measures. There is a need to monitor air passengers who have arrived in India in the past 15 days as the new virus strain has already entered India.

‘Only case load will increase’

Medical experts clarified that mortality rate would not be affected in case of infection from the new Covid-19 strain, but only the case load will increase as the new strain infects more people. Already, the guidelines have been changed to treat corona virus infection in the country and, consequently, the death rate has been reduced.

Today, five out of 266 passengers were detected infected with the coronavirus on Britain flights, but its strain has not been confirmed. Their samples have been sent to the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) for research and the people have been sent to a care centre. The ministry of civil aviation has temporarily suspended all flights originating from the UK to India till the midnight of December 31 night and this suspension is to start at midnight on December 22 night.

‘More intensity’

"The new strain of the Covid virus, which has been detected in Britain, has more intensity, meaning it’ll infect more people, but the mortality rate won’t be affected. We’ve changed the guidelines for medication. The only thing now is to check the entry of people from Britain by imposing a ban on international flights," said Dr Lokendra Dave, HoD, pulmonology department, Gandhi Medical College.

‘Ban only way out’

"Imposing a ban on international flights is the only way out as the government’s main strategy is to check the entry of infected passengers from Britain. The rest will depend upon the Centre’s guidelines," remarked Dr Sarman Singh, director of AIIMS.

‘Already entered India’

"Today, the government decided to suspend Britain flights, but the new virus strain has already entered India as, in the last fortnight, passengers who flew to India must have brought it with them. So, there’s a need to check and monitor such air passengers; otherwise, these passengers will infect many as the new strain has more intensity," Dr AK Shrivastava, medical superintendent, TB Hospital said.

‘No chance of direct infection’

"We don’t have international flights, so there’s no chance of direct landing of corona passengers infected with the new strain from Britain in Madhya Pradesh. Whoever arrives from Britain, comes through Delhi, Mumbai and other international flight. So, for us, they’re domestic fliers. At Delhi, Mumbai and other International airports, passengers will be quarantined if they’re detected to be corona-positive," said Vikram Singh, airport director.

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