Bhopal: “Dialogue is the only solution to Kashmir issue. If we really want to understand Kashmir and Kashmiris, we should start with empathy, if we don’t have empathy for Kashmiris, we will never understand them,” said former R&AW chief AS Dulat

He was speaking on Saturday- the first-day of three-day the Bhopal Literature and Art Festival (BLF) at Bharat Bhawan. It was first edition of the fest, based on theme ‘Heartland Stories’. He said media persons, “Nowadays, the condition is that we don’t want to talk to anyone. It is said there that some people are of mainstream and some are of separatists.

And separatists are untouchables. But fact is that there is no talk with people of mainstreame. I think the biggest leader in J&K is Farukh Abdullah but no one talk with him also and then said he is anti national. If Farukh Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti and Umar Abdullah are anti national then there is no one to whom we can talk.”

“Democracy has its own magic and it makes people humble. It is democracy in mainstream,” he added. On being asked about the credibility on Intelligence and security in India, the former R&AW chief said, “There is no full proof intelligence and security system across the world.

If it were to be so then 9/11 incident and attack on America and Europe would not have occurred. It has happened everywhere. The number of attack in India is less. So, keep your finger cross.” The session included a strong session on the content of the book, The Spy Chronicles. RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace, by AS Dulat, along with TCA Raghavan.

His book has been compiled has the conversation between AS Dulat and General AsadDurani, Retired Military Official, Pakistan. The session involved intellectual discussion on the current relation that India and Pakistan share in between and whether it could be resolved or not, and Kashmir and its people. Nothing left in article 370 About article 370, the former R&AW said, “ It is symbolic. There is nothing left in it. But if Kashmiris are happy with this then it should be continued.”