Bhopal: An alternative New Market, Nadra Bus Stand

BHOPAL: How a city can look like and how its architecture can be represented in an interesting way is the simplest explanation for the architectural term ‘Parallel Projection’ for a commoner. But for the students of architecture it is an opportunity to expand the limits of their imagination about cities and their architecture.

Three out of four teams of MANIT which participated in the Annual National Design Competition organised by NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture), were selected in the top 100 list from the 500 participating teams.

The groups selected were headed by B. Arch students Alvina Khan, Naman Bansal and Vinay Talampare. The teams, comprising 15-20 students each, designed 3D models of parallel projections of three parts of the city-New market, Nadra Bus stand and Rahul Nagar Slum.

Alvina Khan, third year said, “We chose New Market for redesigning. After the completion of the Gammon project, the rush in New Market will definitely rise and that is why, in our design we have made provision for multi-storied parking with ample space for greenery. The guidelines for the competition said that in the designs there should be space for nature”.

Naman Bansal, a third year student, said, “We redesigned Rahul Nagar Slum for parallel projection and ours is an idea that can be implemented by city planners. Generally, slums are the most neglected parts of cities. In Bhopal, almost nine lakh people live in slums, according to BDA report 2009-2011 and our design envisages closely-knitted houses in multi-storied buildings and proper outlets for nullahs, which is the main issue with the slums. Though we have prepared the design for 3000 slum families, it can always be expanded”.

The third group selected Nadra Bus stand and Vinay Talampure said that they considered both past and future of the bus stand and how it should be developed to make the best possible use of the space and this is why we have proposed underground bus station because traffic on main road is a big challenge for redeveloping the bus stand.

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