Bhopal: Although vaccine efficacy against Delta Plus not proven
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BHOPAL: Even though it is not proven so far whether vaccines will be fully effective against the Delta Plus Covid-19 variant, doctors widely believe that one thing is sureóthat the vaccine will reduce the severity of the virus infection.

The Delta Plus variant of the Covid virus seems to be vaccine-resistant, so some doctors say that, prima facie, the vaccine will not have much impact on the Delta Plus variant. However, this has not been proven so far. This is creating panic in the public whenever they read that the Delta Plus variant has started making its ugly presence felt in various states.

Doctors have advised that it is better for the people to adhere to Covid protocols, such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. But, if people get both the doses of the vaccine one can be sure that it will reduce the severity of the infection.

Vaccination is advisable

"The medical fraternity still believes that the Delta Plus variant is resistant to vaccine. Thereís a huge possibility that any likely third wave will be the result of this variant. But research is still on regarding the behaviour of the Delta Plus variant. Itís created panic in public, but it is advisable for them to get vaccinatedóas vaccine is a must against the coronavirusóand maintain Covid protocols, such as the use of masks and maintaining social distance in public places." -Dr Manisha Shrivastava, medical superintendent, AIIMS

Adhere to Covid protocols

"The nature of the Delta Plus variant is still uncertain, so we canít comment right now. Nothing has been proven. Research is still on in connection with the third wave. So, itís better to go in for vaccination and adhere to Covid protocols. The Delta Plus variant is appearing in various states and itís expected to trigger a possible third wave." -Dr Lokendra Dave, medical superintendent, Hamidia Hospital

Continue with vaccination

"Instead of panicking, people should understand that, while the number of corona cases has declined, the virus has not been defeated. Therefore, people must continue with vaccination so that, if the Delta Plus variant grows virulent, the vaccine can, at least, protect them against severity. Theyíll get less infected even if the vaccine is not fully efficacious against the Delta Plus variant." -Dr Mandal, cardiologist

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