Bhopal: After rain-drenched night, residents bask in sun shine

Residents were all smiles on Sunday afternoon when the sun shone, though faintly and for a while.

Many of them put their wet clothes under the pale sunlight. After the way it bucketed down on Friday and Saturday, few could believe the sky would be clear.

A gust of wind accompanied by heavy rain occasionally whistled down the streets on Saturday night.

The pelting rain made most of the vehicles wet up to the hilt, and raincoat failed to protect its wearer.

The vehicles were moving at a snail’s pace, since the rough weather reduced visibility.

Branches of trees on both sides of the Jail Road seemed to have implored before the heavy downpour. Streetlights and traffic signals were thankfully working.

Nevertheless, as it was past 9pm New Market that otherwise remains crowded at this hour of night wore a deserted look. A shopkeeper was about to put down the shutter.

Perhaps, he was the last one to do that. His counterparts had already left for homes closing their business establishments.

The Board Office Square, the under bridge at Rachna Nagar and the road at MP Nagar Market were under ankle-deep water.

The big raindrops were cruelly hitting the eyes of bikers. The streetlights made the roads look haggard and unwilling.

The rainwater crept into many rooms through windows, and seeped through the roofs. And it continued till Sunday morning.

Most of the thoroughfares have developed potholes. They need immediate restoration.

Because of poor quality work, most of the roads have failed to weather the heavy rains.

Consequently, whenever it buckets down those ditches filled with water pose danger to life and limb of citizens.

When a four-wheeler whizzes past pedestrians and bikers, it hits them with a mighty splash.

Bathed in dirty water, they simply hurl abuses at the car drivers. Driving two-wheelers on some roads have become risky.

The city has achieved the seventh position in cleanliness ranking. Yet, its large swathe remains dirty.

The muddy streets became the muddiest on the rain-fed Saturday night.

The stray dogs searching for a shelter were wet so much, so that they even forgot to scare the strangers as they usually do at nights.

Clouds are still hanging over the city. Many such rainy nights are ahead!

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