No words are strong enough to condemn the dastardly attack on the Kabul Gurdwara on Wednesday which killed 28 people, including eight women and a child. Whether the barbaric atrocity was committed by the Taliban or the Islamic State, the plain truth is that non-Muslims are sitting ducks in Afghanistan.

This is not the first attack on a Sikh shrine in Afghanistan. Hindus and Sikhs are routinely killed by the Islamist barbarians. Meanwhile, the Shahen Bagh warriors should return to their illegal sit-ins to protest this act of barbarism.

If only the anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act crowd could understand that attacks on non-Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan are routine, they would not cry themselves hoarse against a law which neither directly nor indirectly seeks to hurt them. Yes, if some Muslims too are targeted by the Islamists, their case could be taken up under the existing provisions of the citizenship law.

But why protest relief to a group which is a constant target of the evil forces of jihadi terror? There could be another occasion to display the visceral hatred of the Modi Sarkar, but why pick on CAA. Meanwhile, it is a travesty of their own faith that jihadis should think nothing of violating the sanctity of a revered place of worship.

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