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Bhopal: Washed away bridge exemplifies fake development in MP, says oppossition leader Ajay Singh


The bridge, inaugurated by the Union Minister Narendra Tomar, which got washed away in Kuno River current recently is the real face of fake development in the state, alleges leader of opposition Ajay Singh, here on Tuesday. Ajay Singh alleged that large scale corruption is rampant in the ongoing development works in the state and contractors are doing poor quality work

“Washing away of the bridge which was constructed just 100 days back at the cost of Rs 8 crore is a proof enough for the rampant corruption,” he claimed. He also alleged that till date the CM has not ordered any inquiry into the matter, “Which shows that high ranking officials and politicians are involved in the scam.”

He claimed that it is not the lone case of corruption and poor construction, “In 2017 CM had inaugurated a river canal in Bhanpura, which did not last more than six days. Similarly forest minister Gourishankar Shejwar had inaugurated the dam worth Rs 5.88 crore in the Raisen district had washed away in just 60 days.” He alleged that similar incidents had occurred in the Bundelkhand, the chief technical examiner had conducted the inquire, but still the CM is not taking any cognisance into the matter.