Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris
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Democrats appear poised to retake the Senate as votes cast in the Georgia runoff elections are tallied. The Associated Press has already called the election in favour of Raphael Warnock and in the regular election, fellow Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff is leading with over 16,300 additional votes (as of 4:25 pm IST).

Many poll watchers have already called the election in the Democrats' favour - a win that will also have a massive impact on the Biden administration. You see, Senate control will help ensure that the Biden administration can push through it's decisions far more effectively. Senate approval is crucial when it comes to getting laws passed, confirming Cabinet appointments and Supreme Court justices and so on. However, with a Senate ruled by the Republicans, President Biden is likely to face many more obstacles.

Winning the two Georgia seats will help Democrats tie with Republicans when it comes to the number of seats held. Currently, if Warnock's seat is included, Democrats hold 47 seats to the Republicans' 50. There are also two independent Senators - Bernie Sanders and Angus King - who generally vote along Democratic lines. While a Republican win in the second Georgia seat will give the Republicans an absolute majority - the vote count does not seem to be favouring this outcome. If Ossoff wins, Vice President Kamala Harris will find herself playing a pivotal role.

According to the US government website, the VP is "designated as the president of the Senate". In this capacity, the vice president is expected to preside over regular sessions of the Senate and cast votes only to break ties. If the two parties are tied, it will be Harris who casts the deciding vote.

Harris has been a prominent part of the Democratic campaign in recent months, and this move will only serve to underline the crucial role she plays. Many opine that this may even give impetus to any future Presidential hopes that she may harbour.

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