Spirituality for Millennials: Invest in relationships in upcoming New Year

New Year is around the corner, giving us hope of a better, happier and healthier times ahead. Having spent nearly the whole of last years in lockdown, we have learnt many important lessons. We learnt the value of freedom. Freedom to be with family and friends. Freedom to organise social events. Relationships, once again proved to be the number one priority in our lives.

If relationships and love is what makes you glow with joy, is what brings meaning to your life, then here’s an investment plan for the New Year. Whether it is about investing money or investing in a relationship, choosing the right plan is the key. Here is a risk-free, easily doable, double guaranteed, and triply verified plan for investment in relationships, which pledges manifold and long-term returns.

Do something for the others that which they cannot do for themselves!

The creation of the universe is such that every individual has lacunae which he can’t fill, which is why one must actively look for opportunities to do something for others that which they cannot do for themselves.

In the Ramayana, Vali, also known as Baali, had the boon of mystically getting half of the strength of his opponents. If instead he had the power to get half the understanding of anyone he faced, he wouldn’t have lost his brother and his life. Sugriva, his brother had made one error in his life and Vali chose not to forgive him for that mistake. He preferred a relationship that was based on one-sided power and control rather than based on mutual understanding and love.

Sugriva ran from Kishkinda kingdom and settled on a mountain that Vali could not step his foot on due to a curse. In spite of that, Vali kept flying over that mountain and kicking Sugriva on his head, reminding him of his mistake. That’s when Rama entered into Sugriva’s sad life. Rama decided to do something for Sugriva, which he couldn’t do for himself. He helped Sugriva get back his kingdom, his dignity and his wife by killing Vali who had abducted her.

By investing his energy on fulfilling Sugriva’s need Rama proved to Sugriva that this was a relationship that was worth investing in. Sugriva became so grateful to Rama that he rallied the whole monkey army to assist him in fulfilling his need to find mother Sita. Much beyond their needs being met, the mutual love and affection Rama and Sugriva shared remained all through their lives as a symbolic representation of how relationships can thrive lifelong.

Invest in this plan of doing something for others that they cannot do for themselves and you will be assured of returns in the form of grateful hearts that will in turn be desperate to invest in a plan that returns your heart.

Key takeaways:

· This year, invest in making deposits in a relationship before making withdrawals.

· Love means prioritising other’s needs over self.

· When people see you giving more importance to them than yourself, then their hearts solder with yours.

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