Lockdown styling: Give yourself a haircut at home with tips and tricks from experts
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Over the few weeks several celebrities have taken to social media to share hair hacks or DIY hair styles and haircuts. Be it Anushka Sharma giving haircut to hubby Virat Kohli or Saif Ali Khan giving his son Taimur a trim or Vicky Kaushal getting a helping hand from brother Sunny, stars have turned into hair stylists amidst lockdown. And given the rise in temperatures and lack of salons, waiting to a haircut is becoming impossible.

Lockdown styling: Give yourself a haircut at home with tips and tricks from experts
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How do you give yourself or your loved one a haircut at home then, especially when one is not a professional stylist? “At this time, the key factor for men and women is to not have unkempt hair. The essential thing that men can do is to keep their beards trimmed. Keeping it short or clean shaved is also a good remedy as this is something that any man can do at home. Cutting and trying to style your hair can be a difficult task especially if you are going to do it on your own. However, if you trim and keep the side locks clean it does look presentable. Taking care of small sections around the face and will help freshen your look,” advices Nikhil Madhu, Senior Stylist, BLOWN.

Adding to this, Sawmya Raghunandan, Technical Trainer – John Paul Mitchell Systems India, says tools are of utmost importance before beginning any kind of haircut session. “Sharp scissors are important for cutting hair and making it look healthy. To make sure they are sharp, you can see if the blade will slice a piece of thread with ease. Hold the thread so it dangles in mid-air and then swipe the blade of the scissors through it. If the blade slices the thread, they are sharp enough to cut your hair. If, however, the blade pulls on the thread before cutting it, you might want to consider sharpening the blade in order to get the smoothest cut possible. Sharp scissors also help you avoid pulling your hair as you cut it.

In addition to a great pair of scissors, another useful piece of equipment to have is a handheld mirror. Use the mirror to look at the back of your head as you are cutting the hair.

With your back to your bathroom mirror (or whichever mounted mirror you choose to utilize), hold the small handheld mirror in front of you. This will give you a great view of the back of your head, but it might still be difficult to cut your hair with one hand. If you can mount the small mirror somewhere, that would be ideal,” she adds.

While you might be feeling a little enthusiastic or brave, Madhu says one should not go overboard or opt for some drastic changes. “Do not consider any major changes by cutting hair as limitations may occur and will need to expertise of a professional. When it comes to women, it is important that you give your hair the deep conditioning it deserves. Pampering your hair will help keep hair strong and healthy,” Madhu adds.

Sawmya Raghunandan shares some easy to follow tips:

Give your hair some layers:

1. If you’re feeling a little more confident, you can gather your hair into a smooth ponytail secured at the crown of your head with an elastic hair tie.

2. To find this spot, grab your princess crown and put it on. Your ponytail should be in the centre of that.

3. Holding the ponytail straight out from the crown between your fingers (like your one length trim), point cut into your ends taking no more than an inch off.

4. Remove hair tie and viola, layers!

Trim existing bangs:

1. Section off a triangular section across your forehead. The outer edges should fall just on the outside of your eyes.

2. Gather hair between your index and middle finger at the bridge of your nose and point cut below your fingers.

3. If you must go shorter, repeat the process moving your fingers up just a little bit at a time.

4. Remember, you can always take more off but once it’s on the floor, you are waiting until it grows back. Hair grows, on average, a half an inch per month. Some people more and some people less.

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