From Arjun Bijlani to Srishti Garg: These individuals share what makes them feel good

FPJ speaks to a few individuals to understand what makes them feel good from within and helps them enhance their positive vibes

Neha SinghUpdated: Sunday, January 01, 2023, 11:59 AM IST

Feeling good always leads to looking good as the legend goes. Everyone wants to feel good, positive and happy from within.

It’s imperative that to take care of oneself and do things that make you happy to enhance that feeling.

However, it’s not always that just taking care of oneself makes one happy or gives that warm an fuzzy feeling inside. There are many things around you, many people around you that can make you sing a song from within. It can be something as simple as eating your fave food or watching a fave film. Sometimes it can be a thing that you do, an act of kindness that can give you that feeling.

This is the season for giving and feeling good. FPJ talks to people from all walks of life to find out what makes them happy from within, and what gives them the fuzziness that reflects on the face and makes it glow.

Sahil Nitin Magar, Singer and Composer

There are a couple of things that leave me feeling all warm, fuzzy, happy, and contended from within. One big thing is whenever I am in the process of making new music and it turns out exactly the way I envisioned it would, or if it turns out even better, then it makes me super happy. Another thing is that I absolutely love performing and meeting my fans. Every time I’m on the stage, I get an adrenaline rush, and seeing all those people out there for me fills my heart with joy. I also absolutely adore meeting my fans; they make me feel so loved and welcome. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Srishti Garg, content creator, scriptwriter, and TEDx speaker

I love how our generation gives importance to how we feel. We put ourselves first and talk about our feelings because it takes courage to be true to ourselves. Sometimes, doing nothing makes me so happy. Every time I over commit to things that I don’t have the bandwidth. Gossiping with my mom about some relative over chai and toast is one of the best feeling. Watching my comfort movie like Jab We Met, Vivah, and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani on Sunday afternoon with dal-chawal, feels like I'm on top of the world.

Over the years, I realised that “keeping myself happy” is a big job. There are several things that I do when I want to feel good. Some days when I feel like I’m just about to lose it, I bring out my yoga mat and do my yin yoga routine. Sometimes, crying also helps me. I might sound crazy, but it feels good to let it all out. A bonus point of crying is looking cute.

Arjun Bijlani, Actor

Feeling good means doing what I love and loving what I do. It means acting in front of the camera. It means spending time with my son, Ayaan, and my pet that provides me that warm feeling. I was born and brought up in Bombay, and the spirit of Mumbai has been a way of life. Live and let live is the best policy. I love watching films and having cozy home get-togethers with close friends. There is no substitute for good conversation and food. These things make me feel instantly joyful.

Adaa Khan, Actress

According to me, feeling good means something that can change my mood instantly. On most days, just sitting in my favourite corner of the house makes me happy. Travelling and trekking make me feel joyful. A person can also make you feel good, in my case, my father is that person. Sometimes, doing quality work and seeing people appreciate it makes me feel cheerful.

Arti Shroff, Psychologist

Spending time in nature makes me feel good. It helps me feel grounded and gives me a sense of connection. Nature helps me feel emotions like calmness and joy. The thought of spending time with my friends makes me feel warm and fuzzy. The balance between the mind and body is important to me. Doing exercise makes me feel healthy that eventually leads to my happy mood.

The "feel good” factor is a generic way of saying that a person should be in optimal mental health. The person has focus, clarity, and motivation enough to pursue the things that they need to pursue. They can set goals for themselves and take steps toward achieving those goals. They can maintain a lifestyle that is balanced and healthy.

Sneh Binny, Entrepreneur

Feeling good means following my heart. I don’t postpone things for tomorrow. I live in the moment. We all get one life. So we must make the most of it. If one is happy, then only one can make others happy. I love to travel, not only in India but all over the world. Being near nature and the sea makes me feel good. Spending time with my pet and going on long drives helps to keep me happy.

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