Coronavirus pandemic: Boost your immunity with these superfoods
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According to medical experts and scientific researchers, coronavirus is here to stay and we have to change and adapt our lifestyles in a manner that helps us deal with the virus and triumph over it.

The simplest and most effective way to strengthen resistance to the virus is to boost immunity. And the easiest way of doing this is incorporating foods that are proven to protect our vital organs, especially heart and lungs.

“People today are far more conscious of the need for healthy eating and holistic living particularly after the pandemic has struck. There is now a much greater awareness than before of the multiple benefits of choosing intelligent foods or ‘superfoods’ as they are referred to,” says Anil Chandhok, food expert and MD of Chenab Impex.

Explaining the meaning of superfood in simple language, renowned homoeopathic exponent and wellness guru Dr Mukesh Batra says, “A food is promoted to Superfood status when it offers high levels of desirable nutrients, or then when it is linked to the prevention of corona and other diseases or when it is believed to offer several simultaneous health benefits beyond its nutritional values.”

Adding to this, nutritionist Jasmine Kaur, owner of The Green Snack company, says, “Super grains like quinoa and ragi, and vegetables like kale add great nutritional value to your meals that give you the benefits of fortifying your respiratory and coronary system. They automatically increase your resistance to diseases like coronavirus. And, being low in calories they help you manage your weight whilst still allowing you to enjoy extremely tasty food.”

Wondering where to begin? Here are some superfoods that can easily be sourced even during the lockdown.

Honey and Maple Syrup

Coronavirus pandemic: Boost your immunity with these superfoods

The very first, most reliable and centuries old remedy we think of for any respiratory illness always includes honey. Renowned for it's expectorant and infection fighting properties and it also strengthen lungs. “The darker varieties of honey contain large amounts of antioxidants like flavonoids, which are extremely beneficial in bringing down blood sugar and blood pressure. It also helps in increasing good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol. This makes honey one of those rare foods which is extremely delicious and possesses such medicinal properties that protect and strengthen your vital organs against diseases like coronavirus,” says Anil Chandok.

A Canadian staple since centuries, Maple sugar and syrup are not just tasty, but also have tremendous nutritional advantages. Maple syrup is extremely rich in minerals like manganese, calcium, thiamine, potassium, zinc and magnesium, all of which are incredible disease fighters. It also contains antioxidants that promote good bone health and metabolism as well as nerve and brain function.

This food is extremely beneficial only if you consume the original additive free version. Maple Joe has a range of pure Maple syrup. For Honey, Lune De Miel comes in flavorsome variants that are completely natural and chemical free.

Quinoa: Over the past few years, Quinoa has made a place for itself in the healthy food category. It contains more protein than most grains and is an excellent source of the essential amino acids. Quinoa is also rich in manganese and folate and is excellent as a nutrient and weight loss aid. If you are not comfortable with cooking with Quinoa, there are several brands offering healthy Quinoa treats like Quinoa puffs. Green Snack Company has low calorie and tasty range of roasted Quinoa goodies. Their oil free Quinoa puffs come in flavors like Saucy Salsa and Zesty Kale.

Whole wheat

Coronavirus pandemic: Boost your immunity with these superfoods
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Whole wheat is a nutritious alternative to regular wheat and a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, which help boost immunity. "Whole wheat is when the grain, its husk and bran and not just the grain is consumed. Foods with whole wheat are healthier than just the grain as the nutrients are actually found in greater quantities in the husk and bran,” informs Dr Batra. The Fine Cheese Co's has an array of light and crisp wheat crackers in flavours like Olive Oil and Sea Salt, Honey Walnuts, Celery, Chives and many others.

Olives and olive oil: It is widely said that Italian people live the longest, healthiest lives and the reason behind this is their lifelong high consumption of olive oil. “Olive oil is a brilliant way to jazz up your everyday meals, and at the same time you are safeguarding your heart and improving your immune system. The oil contains tremendous amount of antioxidants, as well as mono-unsaturated fats which are the good kind. This helps fight heart diseases and lowers the risk of strokes. Olive oil is also beneficial in regulating blood sugar and has proven to have arthritis and cancer-fighting properties,” Chandhok says. Olive oil now comes in flavours like Dolcevita Truffle, Garlic, Rosemary, as well as the classic Extra Virgin which add a huge amount of gourmet flair to your food.

Fruit and nut bars: Healthy snack bars are a boon for the compulsive in-between-meal nibbler. You can munch on these without worrying about putting on high calories, comprised as they are of natural treats like almonds, sultanas, peanuts and apricots. These components pack in high protein, are very high in dietary fibre and give you a generous amount of vitamins — altogether giving you a great dose of various health benefits and amped up energy in a quick and low fat munchie. Eat Natural offers a wide range of these delectable goodies.


Coronavirus pandemic: Boost your immunity with these superfoods
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A member of the cruciferous green vegetable family, Kale is much akin to spinach. It is super dense with zinc which is scientifically proven to be immeasurably effective in fighting corona. Shares Jasmine Kaur, “Kale and kale snacks are now gaining great popularity in India now. 'Kale is imbued with amazing macro and micronutrients, is dense in protein and is the richest sources of vitamin K and vitamin C.” The Green Snack company's Kale Chips, are healthy and practically fat-free. They come in delectable flavours like Sea Salt-vinegar and Cheesy Kale.

Guavas: One of the richest nutritional foods is guava. Says Dr Batra,"Guavas are a very rich source of protein, specially for vegetarians since it gives you all the benefits as any other protein source. Guavas improve the sodium and potassium levels and bring them to a good balance in the body, thereby regulating the blood pressure in one's system. Along with a steady blood flow it also adjusts cholesterol levels, bringing them down. Additionally, guavas strengthen bones and tighten muscles.

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