Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Photo by AFP

On February 6, as US lawmakers met to certify the Presidential poll results, an angry mob stormed the Capitol. Egged on by then President Donald Trump's insistence that he had won the elections, his angry supporters sought a second term for the Republican President.

The violent clashes continued for nearly four hours and five people passed away, including a police official. While the assembled lawmakers were not injured, it was a close call for many - whisked away or hidden scant minutes before they would have been discovered.

Now, as the former President faces an unprecedented second impeachment trial for inciting the angry mob, shocking new footage shows just how close the lawmakers - both Democrats and Republicans - came to being confronted by the mob. Keeping in mind the fact that people were shot and bombs discovered at the protest site, many assume that an encounter might have had serious repercussions.

Leading the charge on the Senate floor, Congressman Raskin alleged Trump willfully incited an insurrectionary mob to riot at the Capitol. Several of his Democratic colleagues took the Senate floor to argue that Trump be impeached.

They showed some hitherto unseen CCTV footage from the January 6 incident, wherein top American lawmakers were seen running for life as rioters stormed the building. While one of the videos showed the then Vice President Mike Pence and his family rushed from the Senate Chamber, while in others Senators were seen hustling through a hallway.

Another clip shows Speaker Nancy Pelosi's staffers barricading themselves into a room. A few minutes later the mob converges on the same hallway, breaking down the outer door to the room the staffers were hiding in.

Another video shows the location where one protestor, Ashli Babbitt was shot dead. Representative Eric Swalwell also adds that the lawmakers could hear the gunshots.

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