'I could do it too': Woman 'hisses' back at cat while cutting its nails; watch viral video

Animals do not always take kindly to being groomed by others. An US-based woman's interaction with her protesting cat has gone viral with netizens in splits over it. The video was shared on various social media platforms by Sharlene Consuegra and features a hilarious exchange as she clips the feline's nails.

Consuegra can be seen telling the cat that it was necessary to trim the nails, "since you want to keep scratching and scratching and scratching" - a fact that does not seem to appease the animal. And when the irate create hisses at her, she is prompt to hiss right back at him.

"I could do it too. Be nice! I know how to hiss just like you. Go ahead and bite me and I'll bite you back," she warns the startled cat.

Netizens are in splits over the cat's startled expression as Consuegra hisses ferociously. Many have also turned it's wide eyed look of surprise into GIFs and memes. "That cat didn't expect that," laughed one Twitter user.

Others considered Consuegra quite the inspiration. "The way she’s responding to her cat is the way I wanna respond to any problems I’ll face in 2021," opined another user.

But where there is a viral viral video, there are of course Twitter trolls ready to attack. And for many this video was one of abuse and cruelty towards animals. While many online were quick to counter the naysayers who insisted that trimming a cat's nails was an appalling idea - Consuegra was having none of it. On her Facebook page, there is currently a post that informs the 'Karens' about the problems that untrimmed nails can cause.

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