Does 'return to office' sound tragic? Then THIS video is for you!
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No matter how deadly and pathetic this pandemic has been, we can still thank it for the new normal of 'Work From Home'. Ever since this phrase came into our lives, we have never felt like going to the office again.

There are a thousand reasons why work from home is a blessing. You don't have to wake up extra early, no need of dressing up, just don your comfy pyjama. No more running to catch the train and no need to rush past the crowd to reach the office on time. For introverts, the best part of the lockdown has been the freedom of not interacting with people in person. Zoom meetings? You could be cleaning utensils and you can still discuss work. One can go on and on, the list is endless.

However, now that the lockdown isn't that stringent anymore, everyone can go out. Even trains are working now during specific periods during the day. Hence, travelling is also somewhat feasible. It looks like we are soon approaching the day when we will have to go back to the office and awaken our inner social animal. The struggle is real.

Obviously, many employees across India are frustrated and dejected upon hearing that they will have to physically attend office. And what do you do when you are frustrated? Rant.

Recently, a hilarious video of a woman named Harjas Sethi has gone viral where she rants on and on about how much she hates the idea of going back to office. She's angry at her employers for asking her how she feels about the idea of attending work again.

The video begins with Harjas saying, "Kaafi ek dil dehla dene wali ghatna hui hai mere saath. Abhi teen din pehle office se ek mail aaya with the subject line 'Return to work'...toh kya matlab hua iska? Matlab ab razai se nikal kar, naha kar taiyaar ho kar office jana padega aur logon ki shaklein dekhni padengi? (A really tragic incident has happened to me. Just three days ago, I received a mail from the office with the subject line 'Return to work'. So, what does this mean? I will have to get out of my blanket now? Bathe, get ready, go to the office and look at people's faces?)."

She then puts forward her genuine concerns saying, "Abhi abhi toh mere dark circles gaye hain, meri zindagi mein raunakein aayi thi aur ab meri tanning gayi hai toh tum esa kar rahe ho (I just got rid of my dark circles, got my life back on track and I have now gotten rid of my tan. You're doing this?)

She hilariously mocked and called out the hypocrisy of those who say that they are excited to go back to the office.

Here's the video:

Obviously, Twitter cannot control its laughter. Some people are appreciating the video and some are appreciating Harjas. Some tweets even mention how 'cute' Harjas is.

Want to check the reactions? Here you go.

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