Man is made in the image of G

od – so says an ancient scripture. And God is love.

Love is not an attribute or quality of God. Love is God! Man is made for loving. If we don’t love, we will be like the night without the moon. Indeed, without love this world is a wilderness. How true it is that the greatest blessing of life is that we can love – and we can be loved.

In the beginning, as we are told, there was Love, only Love. And Love bethought to itself: " I am one, let me be many!" With this sankalpa, Love trod the tracks of time and entered the fields of space – and the universe was born. The entire universe is lovefilled.

There is not an atom that does not carry love within it.

Each one of us is love. Each one of us is a holy light. Our great tragedy is that we have forgotten this truth and we keep on chasing shadowshapes of pleasures, possessions, power. We feel we are separate from God: we have turned our back to God and we continue to walk in the darkness of our own shadow. If only we can bring back love into our lives, our trials and tribulations, problems and perplexities would vanish as mist before the rising sun.

The question arises: What can we do to bring love back into our lives? How can we be more loving? Here are a few practical suggestions: nGo to the source. The source of love is God.

Establish an intimate and loving relationship with God. The choice is yours.

God is prepared to be your father, mother, brother, friend, beloved of your heart. He is even prepared to be your child. By establishing a relationship, you will make God real to yourself in daily life. To most of us God is a mere word or an idea.

nSpeak little – and always speak the truth. For God is love and God is truth. They asked Guru Nanak: " ou speak to us of the One God: what is His name?" And Guru Nanak said: " God is One: and His name is truth – Satnam." As you grow in love, your speech will be gentle, sweet, full of loving kindness.

And you will treat everyone with love and respect. ou will greet God in everyone you meet.

.. Whatever you do, say or think, whatever you give – do it for the pure love of God. If you do this you will find that you can never do anything, which will displease God.

our life will truly become the life beautiful – the perfect life.

.. As you move on the path of love you will cease considering the faults of others. The great Baha’i Prophet, Baha’u’llah, said: " If a man has nine virtues and one vice, consider the nine virtues and forget the one vice. If a man has one virtue and nine vices, consider the one virtue and forget the nine vices." .. The pilgrim on the path of love will always seek the lowest place.

He will honour others without seeking honours for himself.

.. Grow in the spirit of forgiveness.

Has someone cheated you, maligned you, ill- treated you? Forgive before forgiveness is asked.

Never harbour a grudge in your heart against anyone.

.. Grow in patience and have faith in the goodness of God. There

is a meaning of mercy in all experiences that God sends to you. God is all love and all wisdom. He is too loving to punish and too wise to make a mistake.


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