Corona Test/ Representative Pic
Corona Test/ Representative Pic
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Ujjain: According to the Health Bulletin released at 7.45 pm on Tuesday, no new Corona patient came to fore. With this, the number of Corona patients in the district remained 859. Likewise, no new death was reported on the day and the toll figure remained on 71.

In all 864 sample reports were received on the day. So far 20204 samples have been taken across the district and no sample report is awaited now. Only 19 persons have been getting treatment in various hospitals and only 7 of them are symptomatic. With 5 more patients were discharged from different hospitals and quarantine centers, the total number of patients who have been discharged reached to 769.


Meanwhile, health bulletin once again created stir in Indira Nagar on Monday night due to wrong address. The people of the area were surprised that no person came positive from their area and despite that the health bulletin described the 30-year-old man and his 26-year-old wife as Corona positive. Later on extracting information it was found that a couple from Mumbai in Alliance City, near RD Gardi Medical College, came under the grip of Corona. It is said that the young man is a CA in Mumbai. The husband and wife came to Ujjain two days ago by car. The young man’s ancestral residence is in Ujjain and he himself gave samples for investigation. 2 days ago, a person who was a resident of Delhi and came to Ujjain, turned out to be Corona positive and the couple coming from Mumbai to Ujjain has turned out to be Corona positive, as well.

After two days of relief in the city, three positive patients tested positive while one patient also died in RD Gardi Medical College on Monday. Out of the 229 reports received on that day, a male resident of Tulsi Nagar and a couple got infected to the Corona. The 51-year-old male corona positive in Tulsi Nagar, located near Arvind Nagar, is the city’s known jeweler. There is an old shop of him in Patni Bazaar. Along with that the person is also a cricketer. It is said that the said person was undergoing treatment at CHL Hospital for a few days, due to difficulty in breathing. He was admitted to RD Gardi Medical College where his report came positive during the investigation. There was a stir in local gold-silver market as the said person tested positive.

Apart from this, a person living in Govardhandham Nagar also died in RD Gardi Medical College. It is said that he was a vendor at the railway station. The report of the said person had come twice positive and was the first person to get treatment in Ujjain with plasma therapy. According to sources, there were other diseases due to which he could not be saved despite treatment with plasma therapy.

According to the administration, the number of Corona patients in Ujjain district increased to 859 on Monday. Of these, 764 were discharged till that day, 24 were admitted in the hospitals and 71 have died. Out of 24, 10 patients were symptomatic and rest did not have symptoms. Samples of 19340 persons were taken in the district and no report was awaited till Monday.

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