Thailand's eSports market become one of world's biggest gaming markets over last few years

Thailand's eSports market become one of world's biggest gaming markets over last few years

FPJ Web DeskUpdated: Thursday, September 30, 2021, 02:51 PM IST

eSports in Thailand has undergone significant growth over the last few years; a growth which has seen the Asian nation become one of the world's biggest gaming markets. Just to get an idea of the numbers: Thailand has an estimated 18.3 million gamers. This makes it one of the most important gaming markets in Southeast Asia and second only to Indonesia in terms of market size.

As digital innovations, such as 5G technology, grow, eSports are poised for even more new customers. Additionally esport’s growing popularity has also attracted those interested in the income-earning potential of professional gaming. The growth of digital or online gaming is tied to technology and the Thai gaming industry has been the focus of new technologies in recent times some of which are enumerated below.

eSports Technology Launches Gogawi in Thailand

Gogawi is an online eSports gambling platform operated by eSports Technologies. A firm which has a reputation as a leading provider of advanced eSports wagering products and technologies. The launch of this product in Thailand will be especially beneficial to players because it will offer a range of payment services such as Apcopay, Astropay, and CoinDirect. This should reduce the stress of depositing and withdrawing for eSports players. This development will enhance Thailand's eSports market. Local teams like Magic eSports predict growth as this aspect of the industry becomes easier. Small movements in the market will help to grow the Thai eSports industry in general.

eSports Technologies company is an innovation-driven organization with a focus on the development of eSports predictive gaming technologies. We live in a technology-driven world and the deployment of new technology holds the key to unlocking the potential of the eSports industry.

The efforts invested into innovation and development of more digital platforms and products can serve as a template for other organizations seeking to penetrate the Thai market. The implication is that this move can stir up investments both from within and outside Thailand. Some are hoping that Thailand can become to Southeast Asia what casinos are to Las Vegas

Platforms like Gogawi can help drive further patronage for eSports and also facilitate the distribution of games to customers and business partners alike. Launched in March 2021, Gogawi is still a relatively new platform. Despite this, it is poised to drive more enthusiasm in the gaming industry in Thailand. The fact that Gogawi is active in 140 jurisdictions implies that concerns about its workability are not truly an issue in most cases.

The spectrum of eSports is quite extensive. It can be an individual sport where individuals can square off against one another but it can also be a team sport. Gogawi’s functionality to handle both types is an important factor to growth industry wide. The introduction of Gogawi will ultimately make eSports a much safer sporting option for bettors. This is especially important even as the world is still grappling with the scourge of the coronavirus. Therefore any payment option that affords gaming enthusiasts the option of paying within the comforts of their homes and also following the team events in eSports is a welcome development at this very critical moment in human history.


The Thai eSports industry is projected to appreciate and worth an estimated US$450M in 2021. This is huge and since it is a consumer-friendly sport, it is apt to say that introduction of new technologies such as Gokawi will help sway the curiosity of prospective fans into joining the sport and also help boost the interest of existing fans into continued patronage of the sport. The prospect of gaming in Southeast Asia is ripe for exploration and Thailand can serve as a launching pad through which other countries in the region can be influenced. The economic opportunities available in eSports can also help boost these nations' economies through direct foreign investment and job creation. Already, it has been reported that Thailand's Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) is putting efforts into promoting the Thai gaming industry to develop it to a level where it can produce new jobs and stimulate economic growth. This can be huge as the aftermath of Covid 19 on businesses has been harsh. This move can help provide jobs, boost the standards of living of Thai residents, and potentially boost the country's tourist potential.